KAS – CIS -Afriforum-Pioneer-Saai-AaA- Agrico-Boiphitlhelelo – Noga’s Post village

Die skema is swart bemagtiging en heet Koöperatiewe aansporingskema (KAS) - "  The scheme referred to as the Co-operative Incentive Scheme" (CIS) and a B-BBEE scheme.AfriForum, Pioneer, Saai, Agri All Africa (AaA), Purposely Ignited, Boschveld Free Range Chickens, Agrico and Laeveld Agrochem took hands with the Boiphitlhelelo Co-operative to tackle a joint agricultural development project… Continue reading KAS – CIS -Afriforum-Pioneer-Saai-AaA- Agrico-Boiphitlhelelo – Noga’s Post village

Vicious circles – EFF – Clicks – TRESemmé …

  Vicious circles are like octopus tentacles, cause problems or difficult situations that result in new problems that then re-emerge the original problem(s) or situation(s) - sometimes it ending up in corruption and briberies.   It repeats daily and is like a time bomb and deadly to any country's economy.   Those revolutionary forces, which were (or… Continue reading Vicious circles – EFF – Clicks – TRESemmé …

South Africa – Ramaphosa – ICC (International Criminal Court)

  Zuma het netso geskerm om die "regering" te probeer oortuig om nie deel te wees van die Internasionale Kriminele Hof (ICC) nie.  Nou doen Ramaphosa identies dieselfde en ander ANC lede stem nie saam hom nie..     Wat het sedertdien met Omar al-Bashir gebeur en het sy "verlede van korrupsie en misdaad" hom… Continue reading South Africa – Ramaphosa – ICC (International Criminal Court)

DA – John Steenhuisen – Corona lockdown regulations

John Steenhuisen DA leader said that the lockdown regulations, which allow people to gather in religious settings while going to salons, beaches and smoking cigarettes continue to be prohibited, are “bizarre”.    The national corona virus command council (NCCC) announced more new regulations which would apply to the eased lock down from 1 June 2020. … Continue reading DA – John Steenhuisen – Corona lockdown regulations

Small Business Development – B-BBEE and support

The Department had a budget of R8.15 billion over the MTEF period. Specifically, R2.57 billion was allocated to the Department for the 2019/ 20 financial year. Most of the allocation would go toward economic development. For the 2019/ 20 financial year, SEFA, SEDA and the Department got transfers of R1 billion, R870 million and R460… Continue reading Small Business Development – B-BBEE and support