Afriforum – Verwoerdbeleid

Afriforum se toespraak in die parlement en ook oor 'n dokumentêr gemaak oor "apartheid" trek aandag.   En lees mens alles oor dit wat dr H F Verwoerd kwansuis sou gedoen, alles behalwe wat hy in werklikheid gesê het oor Tuislande, word 'n spul leuens verkondig.  Verwoerd het die gebiede ge-erf in 1961 - dit was … Continue reading Afriforum – Verwoerdbeleid


Ramaphosa – apartheid – blankes

  Ramaphosa verduidelik in een video as jy blank is, word apartheid weer eens voor die koppe gegooi en die blankes sit met monde vol tande.    Sommige blankes  veral die liberales, is so naief.      Ramaphosa made a statement in parliament and said that all whites have a relation with the so-called apartheid… Continue reading Ramaphosa – apartheid – blankes

Eureka – Orania – Kleinfontein

Why are liberal whites and blacks/others so obsessive if Afrikaners and Boers (whites) to build their own?  If it is not the ANC leaders the DA, EFF and others follow the ANC.  But who implemented the rasist and discrimination against whites? both of them and even more... Why on earth do you burn down schools,… Continue reading Eureka – Orania – Kleinfontein

Lekota – Ramaphosa in Parliament 13/2/2019

  The Cope leader shook parliament today after alleging Ramaphosa wrote to the Special Branch in the 1970s saying struggle stalwarts had put communist ideas in his head.   Congress of the People (Cope) leader Mosiuoa Lekota received a rare standing ovation from the EFF in the National Assembly during the Sona debate on Wednesday after… Continue reading Lekota – Ramaphosa in Parliament 13/2/2019

Eskom media statement Feb 2019

  Eskom said in December 2018 that South Africans can expect more power cuts over the next twelve months.   During this period maintenance will be taking place on the power systems, and other issues will be addressed like a diesel shortage and low water reservoir levels.   But the power utility has given the assurance that this… Continue reading Eskom media statement Feb 2019