SA energy plan (old)

  As it is now, there is no plan on the table from parliament or government.  The South African Ministry of Energy is to release an updated electricity plan . Analysts will be hoping it will launch the country’s power sector into a modern sustainable, clean power future, and that outdated and financially unfeasible facets… Continue reading SA energy plan (old)


  One of SANEDI's Renewable Energy projects is the mapping of the wind resource in the country and creating the Wind Atlas for South Africa (WASA). The main objective of the project is to develop, verify and employ numerical wind atlas methods and to develop capacity to enable large scale of exploitation of wind energy in South… Continue reading WASA and SAWEA

Eskom “stages”

Dis belangrik dat daar gefokus word op 1.  veiligheid van elkeen in jou  huis, omgewing , besighede en 2.  probeer  pogings aanwend om totaal en al van onafhanklik te wees van Eskom wat die monopolie uitvoer in die land.  Verkry ander middele om te oorleef, soos gas (stoof, waterwaterstelsel), son energie of selfs wind, waar… Continue reading Eskom “stages”

Why did Eskom pay so much salaries and bonuses?

  30 January 2015 - Millions of rand and benefits have been paid out and for what reason? - what did they do in those years? Eskom paid R24.4-million to its three senior executives last year, and rewarded its top brass with R62.8-million in performance bonuses since load-shedding first shut down South Africa’s gold mines… Continue reading Why did Eskom pay so much salaries and bonuses?

Zambia – Zimbabwe – Mozambique – Eskom

(Zesco - Zambia   :   Zesa - Zimbabwe   :    EDM - Mozambique) - Eskom November 2019 - - this year, EDM, Mozambique’s state-owned power utility, will deploy a brand new floating power station in the Nampula province in order to increase the electricity supply in the northern parts of the country.   The large vessel will… Continue reading Zambia – Zimbabwe – Mozambique – Eskom