Eskom – Medupi (faults)

It was stated by Engineering news on 21 May 2020 that units 3 - 6 of Eskom were shut for 75 days on January 26 to address defects that emerged, mostly in relation to the boiler plant, after the unit entered into commercial operation in June last year.   The defects are believed to be generic… Continue reading Eskom – Medupi (faults)

Eskom – Loadshedding 7/3/2020

Sien die meegaande skrywe van Eskom oor moontlike beurtkrag. Letter of information from Eskom regarding possible loadshedding. * AS IN THE PAST - NOTHING NEW Eskom lost as much seven generation units overnight, which has increased the likelihood of load shedding this weekend, the power utility said in an update issued on 7 March 2020. … Continue reading Eskom – Loadshedding 7/3/2020

Johannesburg Mayor – Eskom non-payers

  Dis getroue betalers wat opdok vir die nie-betalers van Eskom - Eskom behoort aan ons almal, nie aan die ANC regering nie.     Eskom buig agteroor om nie-betalers en misdadigers se skuld af te skryf en te akkommodeer.    Eskom maak hul skuldig om misdadigers te voed en grens aan bedrog.   Geen bank gaan… Continue reading Johannesburg Mayor – Eskom non-payers

Soweto and others claim free electricity

They want and demand everything for free, if it is not education it is services and houses and think Eskom own them free power.   It was like that before 1994 and it is after 1994 - no differences but always blame the whites or socalled apartheid for everything.   And,  since when is electricity free to… Continue reading Soweto and others claim free electricity

“Pay your electricity” – nothing is for free

Andre de Ruyter is wel nuut in die Eskom besigheid, waar hy al hierdie slegte skuld veral, hier in Suid-Afrika en elders buite ons landsgrense ge-erf het.   Dit maak sy taak nog moeiliker.    Stop die slegte skuld en stem saam, betaal vir jou gebruik.   Die ander probleem is Eskom intern en nie slegte skuld… Continue reading “Pay your electricity” – nothing is for free

Sabotage – ESKOM – Sabotasie

  Eskom officials have caught one of their own in the act:   An employee suspected of sabotage was arrested on 21 January 2020 for stealing 270m of copper cables.   If anybody steal electricity illegal it is also sabotage.   If you do not pay for your electricity, it is also sabotage.    What about Soweto and… Continue reading Sabotage – ESKOM – Sabotasie

Eskom is a failure – Eskom se wiele is pap en leeggesuig

  Eskom is not too big to fail – it has already failed. The issue now is how we deal with this. There is an urgent need for constructive, pragmatic efforts, free of ideological constraints and dogma, to end generation capacity shortages and load-shedding in South Africa in the short- and medium-term.    Who are… Continue reading Eskom is a failure – Eskom se wiele is pap en leeggesuig

Insika Economic Movement (IEM)

  The name of the organisation is called Insika Economic Movement (IEM). IEM was founded out to respond to societal needs as well as the need to restore ethical and relevant systems in achieving proactive governance and inclusive economy. INSIKA is a Zulu word meaning the following: Pillar of strength, Trustworthy, Dependable, and Selfless.   * In… Continue reading Insika Economic Movement (IEM)

Eskom – Jabu Mabuza

  Verbaas - Hulle hou nie lank in die "top bestuursposte" nie, maar dis ook kommerwekkend hoeveel is "gekwalifiseerd of het die ervaring" - daar is geen ervaring, behalwe hoe om miljoene te laat wegraak in tenders in wat ook nie geskik is vir Eskom nie.    .. .. ..   Eskom board chairperson Jabu Mabuza… Continue reading Eskom – Jabu Mabuza