SA harbours – Hawens in SA

  Is the road, rail and port transport too much for all the black empowerment officials to handle and is it a much easier option to claim there was a hijacking of their systems to stop import and exports, to make sure food is part of that.  They all knew what was in that containers. … Continue reading SA harbours – Hawens in SA

Co-incidences – Toevallighede

  According to a statement by the South African Meat Processors Association (Sampa) and the South African Association of Meat Importers & Exporters (Amie SA), there are currently 290 temperature-controlled ‘reefer’ containers that require an urgent cold storage remedy, with more containers en route from international markets set to offload at the Durban port.  *… Continue reading Co-incidences – Toevallighede

ANC electricity plan

Recently, Ramaphosa told the virtual World Economic Forum (WEF) Davis Dialogues that he was in the process of roping in private players in the industry and allowing local municipalities to generate their own electricity. He said the move would allow the government to rapidly expand its energy generation capacity. *That is part of the "one… Continue reading ANC electricity plan

Eskom information and off grid systems

Powering your home, business, vehicle, farm, or cabin with solar energy, but also another "back-up system" for in case you have lots of rain and a cloudy environment.   Gas and generations systems are also options.    *Daar is reeds families en besighede wat poog om totaal weg te beweeg van 'n duur Eskom stelsel.   … Continue reading Eskom information and off grid systems

Eskom – Koeberg

Eskom has suspended its general manager, Velaphi Ntuli at the Koeberg Power station, while investigations are being conducted into his performance at the nuclear power station.  Unit 1 is not working since January 2021. * Eskom design faults* Mantshantsha also said Chief Nuclear Officer, Riedewaan Bakardien will oversee all the operations of the power station… Continue reading Eskom – Koeberg

Eskom – ‘design faults’

Do not think the public believe the stories in the liberal media, they do not believe the statement made by Andre De Ruyter that the problems started more than 40 years ago due to a lack of maintenance during the "so-called" apartheid regime, which Eskom is now trying to catch up with.   De Ruyter stated… Continue reading Eskom – ‘design faults’

Econ oil and tenders – Nothemba Mlonzi 

On their website, it is stated that Econ Oil company was founded in 2001 and started operations in 2003.    They also said they are is proud to be a pioneer in the provision of industrial energy solutions with an innovative customer centric approach to the way we do business. Econ Oil is a privately… Continue reading Econ oil and tenders – Nothemba Mlonzi 

Eskom – media

  Eskom het op 14 Mei 2021 'n berig op hul webtuiste geplaas waarin die publiek gewaarsku word teen valse en kwaadwillige verslaggewing deur sommige titels wat verband hou met die groep "Independent Newspaper" en maatskappye.   In die jongste verslag van hierdie groep word beweer dat Eskom onwettig opgetree het met die aanstelling van en… Continue reading Eskom – media

Eskom corruption – Michael Lomas

One of many big fishes at Eskom that swam away with money - but how much money was actually stolen or extra paid into special accounts in, luxury homes bought over a long period of time, no one from public will really know. The houses purchased look durable and flashy.   Expensive houses.   Now, who is… Continue reading Eskom corruption – Michael Lomas

SA Parliament Eskom 2 September 2020

  Tydens 'n vergadering in SA parlement op 2 September 2020, het die Staande Komitee vir Krediete verneem van die 'finansiële toestand' waarin Eskom verkeer.  Eintlik is dit een groot sirkus wat deur ons belastings onderhou word.  die "finansiële toestand" is grootliks as gevolg van korrupsie wat teen 'n tempo groei.  Daar word net altyd… Continue reading SA Parliament Eskom 2 September 2020

Eskom – Oracle

Media statement by Eskom was made on 5 April 2021.   Eskom confirmed it is involved in a contractual dispute with the South African arm of Oracle Corporation, which is contracted to provide a number of technical services to Eskom. Oracle first claimed it had been underpaid by an amount of approximately R7.3 billion, which… Continue reading Eskom – Oracle

Turkey Floating Karpowership

R218 billion for powerships in South African harbours - Karpowership SA (KPSA), is a South African company that is 49% Black owned.   Karpowership is a member of Karadeniz Energy Group, Istanbul, Turkey. The group is a pioneer in innovative energy projects for the last 20 years, with investments in domestic and international markets. The group… Continue reading Turkey Floating Karpowership

Loadshedding Eskom beurtkrag

A report shows that production has dropped by 4.3% in the 10 years between 2010-2019, and by 8.8% between 2010-2020 resulting in annual average reductions of 0.5% (2010-2019) and 0.9% (2010-2020).   Another article stated that South Africa spends more or less 10% of the year on load shedding .  But there are extras as well… Continue reading Loadshedding Eskom beurtkrag

Corruption Eskom SA Nuclear Korrupsie

Suid-Afrika is reeds geruime tyd in 'n rommelstaat gedompel, maar die skimpe (of besluite vir ongesonde vooruitgang) vir kernkrag gaan nie weg nie.   Korrupsie / sabotasie word nie aangespreek en ook nie minder nie.   Geen land kan 'n fondasie op vals hoop en korrupsie voortbou nie.   Die brug en mure sal verder omval en nog… Continue reading Corruption Eskom SA Nuclear Korrupsie

Corruption – Eskom – Parliament

Eskom se skuldbrug kom al 'n lang pad aan en dit was al meer as een keer in Parlement bespreek met hoeveel komitees wat net niks bereik het nie.   Eskom se korrupsie en kapings veroorsaak heelwat ontwrigting in Suid-Afrika.    Korrupsie is die grootste oorsaak van ons rommelstatus en dit word nie deur parlementslede aangespreek… Continue reading Corruption – Eskom – Parliament

Eskom – Loadshedding 7/3/2020

Sien die meegaande skrywe van Eskom oor moontlike beurtkrag. Letter of information from Eskom regarding possible loadshedding. * AS IN THE PAST - NOTHING NEW Eskom lost as much seven generation units overnight, which has increased the likelihood of load shedding this weekend, the power utility said in an update issued on 7 March 2020. … Continue reading Eskom – Loadshedding 7/3/2020

Johannesburg Mayor – Eskom non-payers

  Dis getroue betalers wat opdok vir die nie-betalers van Eskom - Eskom behoort aan ons almal, nie aan die ANC regering nie.     Eskom buig agteroor om nie-betalers en misdadigers se skuld af te skryf en te akkommodeer.    Eskom maak hul skuldig om misdadigers te voed en grens aan bedrog.   Geen bank gaan… Continue reading Johannesburg Mayor – Eskom non-payers

Soweto and others claim free electricity

They want and demand everything for free, if it is not education it is services and houses and think Eskom own them free power.   It was like that before 1994 and it is after 1994 - no differences but always blame the whites or socalled apartheid for everything.   And,  since when is electricity free to… Continue reading Soweto and others claim free electricity

“Pay your electricity” – nothing is for free

Andre de Ruyter is wel nuut in die Eskom besigheid, waar hy al hierdie slegte skuld veral, hier in Suid-Afrika en elders buite ons landsgrense ge-erf het.   Dit maak sy taak nog moeiliker.    Stop die slegte skuld en stem saam, betaal vir jou gebruik.   Die ander probleem is Eskom intern en nie slegte skuld… Continue reading “Pay your electricity” – nothing is for free