Health care SA (NHLS) Gesondheidsdienste

The priority diseases in South Africa remain the HIV and TB epidemics, which require significant volumes of testing to support their management, the sheer burden of which is unparalleled globally.   With the increased pressure of the HIV 90-90-90 targets and END TB strategies, this is likely to remain an important mandate of the NHLS. The… Continue reading Health care SA (NHLS) Gesondheidsdienste

FW de Klerk 1990-2021

  Vandag bars FW na 30 jaar steeds uit sy vel uit en sal dit wat hy gedoen het, weer doen.  Vir die liberaal verligte blankes, klassieke blankes en kommuniste, was hy die ridder op die witperd en kon van hul nie hul geluk glo toe die hele land as 'n eenheid, netso oorhandig is… Continue reading FW de Klerk 1990-2021

RSA – Terrorism – Terrorisme

There was NO mandate in 1990 to negotiate the release of any political prisoners of any terrorist organisation,   NONE whatsoever.    After that year,  we all became victims of terrorism, violence and the worse crime ever - it is still the case after 30 years.     After a meeting between the ANC and NP at… Continue reading RSA – Terrorism – Terrorisme

‘ Virus ‘ time outside court

Has the "virus" fled or what's going on - a selective virus?    It seems as if there is no virus to be detected when the ANC or even EFF - BLM held rallies when they hold street parades, dance and sing.   It is so obvious that there are two and even more different legislations… Continue reading ‘ Virus ‘ time outside court