Kurdistan – Koerde

* The Middle East is in turmoil with proxy wars, ISIS and a struggle between ideologies, values, Sunni versus Shia, and civilians versus dysfunctional states. Meanwhile, the stateless Kurds are gaining an international profile from fighting ISIS and having created islands of relative safety and stability in Iraq and Syria.   Compare the people of the… Continue reading Kurdistan – Koerde

Ingonyama Trust – Zulu king – expropriation

  The King of the Zulu people and traditional leaders in the province opposed the recommendations made by former president Motlanthe, chairperson of the High level panel, that land under the Ingonyama Trust be surrendered to the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform.   In July 2018, during an Imbizo that the King had called,… Continue reading Ingonyama Trust – Zulu king – expropriation

Zuma – Nkandla – Ingonyama Trustland

Former president Jacob Zuma stands to lose his prized homestead in KwaZulu-Natal after falling behind on payments for the famous R7.8 million loan he took out in 2016 from the now liquidated VBS Mutual Bank.   Land is on Ingonyama Trustland - Zulu King is only Trustee of that land.   But what about SARS, it was an… Continue reading Zuma – Nkandla – Ingonyama Trustland

Zulu people – Ingonyama Trustland

Voor 1960 het die Zoeloe reservate reeds 100% bestaan en was in unie dokumente vervat.   Reeds vanaf 1854 was dit reeds as aparte gebiede vir etniese kulture 'geskei" van mekaar - met eie leiers. The Mfecane had a great influence on the history of South Africa. Large parts of the country in Natal, the Transvaal… Continue reading Zulu people – Ingonyama Trustland

André Fourie (VF+) van die ou Nasionale Party en Andries Beyers van die Konserwatiewe Party – Maart 1992

TV-Debat: André Fourie van die Nasionale Party en Andries Beyers van die Konserwatiewe Party - Maart 1992.    Volksregte   -  Daar word interessante feite op die video genoem/vra:   Het die Randse skou al ooit ons as volk gered?     Het krieket of enige sport al ooit ons as 'n volk gered?  Het swart bemagtiging ooit… Continue reading André Fourie (VF+) van die ou Nasionale Party en Andries Beyers van die Konserwatiewe Party – Maart 1992

Begroting – tradisionele leiers 2019

Dis net die begin, en weer begroting en natuurlik sal al hierdie tradisionele leiers hulle pond vleis vanuit die staatskas verkry, soos dit jaarliks gedoen word.   Lig u mense in wat aangaan.   Ons  het almal sedert 1994 onder die indruk verkeer dat tuislande weg is (aparte gebiede) - toe nie - dit het Trustgebiede geword… Continue reading Begroting – tradisionele leiers 2019

Eureka – Orania – Kleinfontein

Why are liberal whites and blacks/others so obsessive if Afrikaners and Boers (whites) to build their own?  If it is not the ANC leaders the DA, EFF and others follow the ANC.  But who implemented the rasist and discrimination against whites? both of them and even more... Why on earth do you burn down schools,… Continue reading Eureka – Orania – Kleinfontein

Zulu King claim failed – December 2018

  December 2018 - The Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini has failed to convince the Land Claims Court to order his subjects to share land, which was won in a successful land claim, with him.  In a judgment handed down by the court this week, it also made a cost order against the Ingonyama Trust – an unusual occurrence in this… Continue reading Zulu King claim failed – December 2018

FW de Klerk in sy skik of nie?

FW must be very proud what he achieved - a Nobel price and money? .... FW de Klerk at an event organised by the Cape Town Press Club - he spoke about the past 25 years since the dawn of democracy in South Africa, outlining some of the things that went wrong, and some of the… Continue reading FW de Klerk in sy skik of nie?

Etniese volke in Suid-Afrika

ETHNIC PEOPLE - Different people - different cultures - diferent areas - different chiefdoms and different kings and traditional leaders.   Before 1994 it was well known as "homelands" or reserves since 1840's.   APARTHEID (SEGREGATION) was created by their own leaders 1806-1854, not by Verwoerd, nor by any whites.  (Shepstone policy 1854). * Boere and Afrikaners… Continue reading Etniese volke in Suid-Afrika

Zulu people – 1816-2016 -200 Years

24 September 2016 -  Die dag het die Zoeloes hul 200 jarige bestaan gevier in Zoeloeland of soos dit tans bekend staan Ingonyama Trust.  Ingonyama Trust is slegs vir die Zoeloe volk - dit was voorheen 'n Zoeloe tuisland en voor dit reservate, wat deur die Britte toegeken is (voor 1961 en sedert 1854) onder… Continue reading Zulu people – 1816-2016 -200 Years