Khoi San people and leaderships – legislation

* An article in Mail and Guardian during 2019, stated that the Traditional Khoi San Leadership Act will directly affect 18-million rural people.   There are more Khoi San people today, plus the more than 25 million different black groups of the old Reserves and Homelands.    They are also living separately on CPA or Trustlands. … Continue reading Khoi San people and leaderships – legislation

Responsibilities of Parliament

The ANC government has chosen to walk in the footsteps of other corrupt post-colonial African leaders and they have million of supporters in those deals.   Large-scale corruption is often framed around the liberation struggle rhetoric of empowering black people but blame "apartheid", while apartheid was created under British empire and with Khoi san and Black… Continue reading Responsibilities of Parliament

Proposed Pepuda legislation

  PEPUDA is an acronym for the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act and is otherwise known as the “Equality Act”.  It was passed into law in 2000 to give teeth to section 9 of the South African Constitution, which prohibits unfair discrimination – including “hate speech” – on a wide range… Continue reading Proposed Pepuda legislation

Gun and self defence legislation

  All legislations and changes to it, as well as to the Constitution,  will be a blank cheque (since 1994) and only a promise to citizens what ministers have said that the amendments should not be interpreted as though "government is looking into disarming citizens".   If all citizens have that human right until now (under… Continue reading Gun and self defence legislation

SA Parliament Eskom 2 September 2020

    *Eskom stated previously that load shedding would continue at least until March 2022 - that is still an empty promise.   It further said electricity tariffs needed to increase to service its growing debt instead of relying on government bailouts. Eskom needed a 25% tariff increase in real terms although this could not be… Continue reading SA Parliament Eskom 2 September 2020

Korrupsie vergaderings – Corruption – meetings

Gepraat van korrupsie - hoeveel tyd gaan verlore met al die wanordes en vuisgevegte, tydens amptelike vergaderings?   Heelwat lede in parlement sowel as munisipale vergaderings loop oor in gevegte.   Dis tog so maklik om tyd te steel, aangesien dit nie hulle tyd is nie, maar die belastingbetalers sin.   Dit kos geld om enige vergadering te… Continue reading Korrupsie vergaderings – Corruption – meetings

SA Parliament Informal settlements June 2020

Die parlement het op 20 Junie 2020 (Saterdag) 'n verklaring afgelê tydens 'n virtuele vergadering.    Die voorlegging van die verslag vir die vierde kwartaal in die boekjaar 2019/20, aan die portefeuljekomitee handel oor menslike nedersettings, water en sanitasie.    Die departement van menslike nedersettings het gemeld dat hy slegs 60% van sy gestelde teikens… Continue reading SA Parliament Informal settlements June 2020

SA Expropriation Bill March 2021

Die Suid-Afrikaanse parlement woeker steeds voort met hul dieperliggende rassistiese en diskriminerende agenda om grond en alle bates af te neem wat hul pas en sonder vergoeding te wettig, daarom wil hulle so graag hul eie grondwet wysig soos dit hulle pas.   Dis 'n internasionale misdaad om teen sekere minderheidsvolke te diskrimineer soos swart bemagtiging,… Continue reading SA Expropriation Bill March 2021

Constitution – SA

Toekennings of toelaes is slegs een deel van grondwet wat deur liberale netwerke in SA uitgevoer is.    Daar is heelwat finansiers wat die parlement en ander wetgewing 100% finansier, veral swart bemagtiging en regstelaksies.  Die Gesamentlike Fonds om Konstitusionalisme in Suid-Afrika te bevorder en te bevorder (Constitutionalism Fund – CF) is deur verskeie liberale… Continue reading Constitution – SA

Article 25 of Constitution – Expropriation – Parliament-Afriforum

Parliament, Tuesday 15 September 2020 – Parliament is opposing AfriForum’s application to the High Court Western Cape Division (Cape Town), asking the court to declare Parliament’s adoption of the Joint Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) report on the possible review of Section 25 of the Constitution constitutionally invalid. * Parliament’s basis for opposing this application – scheduled… Continue reading Article 25 of Constitution – Expropriation – Parliament-Afriforum

Cape Colony – Parliament

The oldest section of the buildings of Parliament, which today houses the National Council of Provinces, was completed in 1885. The original design was by Charles FREEMAN. Various financial and building problems were experienced and the project was re-allocated to the Scottish architect Henry GREAVES, who had just joined the DEPARTMENT OF THE PUBLIC WORKS.… Continue reading Cape Colony – Parliament

Expropriation of properties – Section 25

On 4 December 2018, it was stated that a report recommended that Section 25 of the Constitution be amended to allow land expropriation without compensation.   All included.   The National Assembly has passed the Constitutional Review Committee report on land expropriation without compensation with more than 200 votes in the National Assembly.  The report recommended that Section… Continue reading Expropriation of properties – Section 25

Land Reform – 2020 -Expropriation Bill

  The Inter-Ministerial Committee on Land Reform on Expropriation Bill set to replace Expropriation Act of 1975 that is inconsistent with the Constitution.   Die volgende persverklaring is uitgereik rakende die Wetsontwerp op die Ministeriële Komitee vir Grondhervorming oor Onteiening  wat die Onteieningswet van 1975 vervang wat strydig is met die Grondwet.  Die wetsontwerp is 'n… Continue reading Land Reform – 2020 -Expropriation Bill

Parliament – Salaries 2020 – the elites

  A statement in the media made on 18 June 2020 that top earning public office-bearers in Chapter Nine institutions that are pocketing more than R1.5 million a year are likely not to receive salary increases.   Parliament is set to receive a recommendation from the justice and correctional portfolio committee backing the salary freeze as… Continue reading Parliament – Salaries 2020 – the elites

SABC-mandate-funding – SAUK-mandaat-befondsing

Wat spel die presiese mandaat uit van die SAUK en deur wie word hulle befonds.    Lees gerus meer inligting hieroor na.   * Meet the Board members of the SABC MANDATE The main object of the Corporation is to supply broadcasting and information services and services that are ancillary thereto, to the general… Continue reading SABC-mandate-funding – SAUK-mandaat-befondsing

James, Wilmot Godfrey

He was born in Paarl.  In 2009 James became a Member of Parliament with the Democratic Alliance, South Africa's opposition party.  He was appointed Shadow Minister of Higher Education, and later moved to the Basic Education portfolio. In 2010 he was elected federal chairperson of the party unopposed, a post he held for five years.… Continue reading James, Wilmot Godfrey

Traditional houses – South Africa

  Traditional affairs (2018-2019)   - It was stated in parliament that this is only for the KhoiSan and different ethnic black groups of people in South Africa,  but how is it working?   No idea who gave South African parliament or ministers the "mandate" if there are different ethnic traditional leaders, perhaps the different Houses of… Continue reading Traditional houses – South Africa

Sona2020 South Africa “Take your seats” “Order”

Sy kon geen beheer oor die Parlementslede uitoefen nie. It was reported in the media that the speaker, Thandi Modise has promised that she would apply the rules of Parliament when the EFF tries to disrupt the State of the Nation Address by Ramaphosa and - she didn't.   Time and again she was overruled and… Continue reading Sona2020 South Africa “Take your seats” “Order”

National House of Traditional Leadership – Thembuland Royal Empire

The 'Select Committee on Petitions and Executive Undertakings' received petitions from the Thembuland Royal Empire and the National House of Traditional Leadership.    The petition submitted by the AbaThembu contained allegations that included the manipulation of the justice system with the intention of destroying the AbaThembu Nation in South Africa, and the delay of the land… Continue reading National House of Traditional Leadership – Thembuland Royal Empire

Ministerial handbook – 2019

  Guide for Members of the Executive (Ministerial Handbook) 2019 APPROVED BY THE PRESIDENT EFFECTIVE DATE: 8 JUNE 2019 * 2019-06-26 CHAPTER 6 INTERNATIONAL TRAVEL 1. Travel by Ministers and Deputy Ministers 1.1 Ministers and Deputy Ministers may travel on official visits abroad if these are essential, in the national interest and with due regard… Continue reading Ministerial handbook – 2019