Dr Hendrik Verwoerd (1901-1966)

Before 1970.   Dr Verwoerd wanted justice to all - black, coloureds, asian and white, all ethnic groups of people to build their own future, life, culture, language, traditions, and all new challenges thereafter.   In line with international laws.    Here are the few videos of Dr Hendrik Verwoerd.   There are still segregation in South Africa… Continue reading Dr Hendrik Verwoerd (1901-1966)

Shepstone – Natal, roots of segregation

All our ancestors lived under the British empire and their colonial control - various African countries as well as Canada and Australia.    It was first in the Cape colony followed by the Anglo Boer wars and annexations.  Mostly they were only focused on the minerals in certain areas like Witwatersrand and Kimberley.    In… Continue reading Shepstone – Natal, roots of segregation

British Empire and their colonial rules/flags

This is the apartheid flag - where it started, long before 1900 - segregation started with the British empire under their control and flag.   Dis waar apartheid begin het, by die Britse ryk onder hulle Vlag. (vlae - let wel, daar is meer as een vlag) The Flag of the British South Africa Company was the… Continue reading British Empire and their colonial rules/flags