Kurdistan – Koerde

* The Middle East is in turmoil with proxy wars, ISIS and a struggle between ideologies, values, Sunni versus Shia, and civilians versus dysfunctional states. Meanwhile, the stateless Kurds are gaining an international profile from fighting ISIS and having created islands of relative safety and stability in Iraq and Syria.   Compare the people of the… Continue reading Kurdistan – Koerde

Violent Farm invasion – KZN – Mathulini CPA

On 7 July 2019, a farm manager in KwaZulu-Natal was hospitalised with burns on Saturday after "violent thugs" invaded a farm, set it alight and allegedly threw him into the flames.  IFP MP Inkosi Bhekizizwe Luthuli revealed details about the incident in a statement on Sunday on behalf of the Mathulini Communal Property Association (CPA).   “The… Continue reading Violent Farm invasion – KZN – Mathulini CPA