Waarheid rondom Eskom sedert 1990 – Dezz

*Dis absoluut die waarheid wat in die beeldmateriaal bekendgemaak is.   Eskom was die beste vir etlike dekades, 'n eerste wêreldland staatsentiteit wat met 'n minderheid se belastinggeld opgebou is.  Kennis en ervaring kan nie gekoop word nie, nog minder kan so iets vervang word deur swart bemagtigers of regstellende aksies.   Baie ander staatsentiteite het dieselfde… Continue reading Waarheid rondom Eskom sedert 1990 – Dezz

South Africa – corruption and ‘apartheid’

Is this crime and corruption all lies and fabrications?  NO.    If there are so many applicable laws in South Africa about corruption, money laundering, crime, murder - why are those not being enforced? Therefore, the legislations and even the constitution are a waste of time and absolutely worthless to those who control and manipulate… Continue reading South Africa – corruption and ‘apartheid’

SO HELP ME GOD – Ramaphosa and Phala Phala money

Op 25 Mei 2019,  is Ramaphosa ingesweer onder die 1996 grondwet ( '1955 anc-pac-sakp manifes en kommunisties geinspireerde sogenaamde demokrasie" ) en is daar meestal slegs vals beloftes gemaak op die Loftus Versfeld sportstadium - sien die video hoe dit gedoen is.   Wat 'n lagwekkende EED van getrouheid en verantwoordelikheid word hiermee weerspieël. * Die… Continue reading SO HELP ME GOD – Ramaphosa and Phala Phala money

Zondo: Guptas, Zuma, Ramaphosa etc

  As elkeen van hierdie gevalle, ondersoek en genoem in die Zondo verslae, die algemene lede van die publiek was wat soveel korrupsie gepleeg het teenoor die regering of mede Suid-Afrikaners, was hulle lankal agter tralies, vervolg en moes al die geld terugbetaal het.  Wat as die 'Guptas' geslaag het - dis na mening niks… Continue reading Zondo: Guptas, Zuma, Ramaphosa etc

Deliberate Sabotage at Eskom

Wat is die alternatief en uitkoms vir ons as konserwatiewe Boer- en Afrikaner volk wie se menseregte daagliks geskend word?   Eskom se swak diens is 'n menseregteskending as daar vir iets betaal word, wat nie gelewer word nie?   Swart bemagtiging en regstelaksies teenoor die blankes is ernstige internasionale misdade en moet beveg word.   Daar word… Continue reading Deliberate Sabotage at Eskom

Mislukte Suid-Afrika – SA Failed

The ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) party has failed the whole of South Africa, not only his party.    Ramaphosa was credited in the past by many for fighting corruption and cleaning up government and the ruling ANC, but there is no such evidence to do it.  Aanvanklik het navolgers en ander lande se leiers… Continue reading Mislukte Suid-Afrika – SA Failed

Zuma 17 September 2021

  Zuma asked the apex court to set aside his 15-month jail sentence, which was handed down in June after he failed to comply with the court's order to appear before the state capture commission.   Kommissies en doel van hulle word nog altyd bevraagteken, vermorsing van belastinginkomstes. Tyd en geld wat hierdie regters aan hierdie… Continue reading Zuma 17 September 2021

South Africa – Corruption

  Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, the former President of South Africa, has faced numerous legal issues before, during, and after his presidency, including rape charges, embezzlements, corruption, and fraud, to name a few.   The connection of the Gupta family is the most conspicuous of all the corruption charges levelled against him.  Corruption is ongoing for years… Continue reading South Africa – Corruption

Corruption Agenda of South Africa

  Die "agendae" rondom korrupsie in Suid-Afrika, gaan nie net oor wat onder Zuma se tydperk gebeur het toe hy "president" was.   Dit het voorheen al ontstaan na 1994.    Wie was saam hom en ander hierin - en is daar al genoegsaam opgetree teenoor elkeen wat hiertoe bygedra het?  Waarheen is al die biljoene… Continue reading Corruption Agenda of South Africa

Zuma – medical parole

  The leader of the DA, J Steenhuisen is of the opinion that a person eligible for medical parole must either be suffering from a terminal illness or be rendered physically incapacitated due to injury, disease or illness, the risk of re-offending must be low.   The DA wants the minutes of this "parole meeting".   … Continue reading Zuma – medical parole

SA harbours – Hawens in SA

  Is the road, rail and port transport too much for all the black empowerment officials to handle and is it a much easier option to claim there was a hijacking of their systems to stop import and exports, to make sure food is part of that.  They all knew what was in that containers. … Continue reading SA harbours – Hawens in SA

ANC electricity plan

Recently, Ramaphosa told the virtual World Economic Forum (WEF) Davis Dialogues that he was in the process of roping in private players in the industry and allowing local municipalities to generate their own electricity. He said the move would allow the government to rapidly expand its energy generation capacity. *That is part of the "one… Continue reading ANC electricity plan

“Hands off Zuma”

Zuma is nie bo enige wet of grondwet verhewe nie, en is grondwetlik skuldig deur nie op te daag waar hy moes nie - hy het self besluit om nie by te woon nie.   Hy het dit oor homself gebring deur nie te gaan nie.   Niemand hou hom vas nie, so niemand se hande is… Continue reading “Hands off Zuma”

ConCourt send Zuma to Jail – Zondo – “spider web”

  Zuma has been given five days to hand himself in to police. Failing that, the police minister must order his arrest. Zuma, 79, is accused of enabling the plunder of state coffers during his nearly nine-year stint in office.   “I am left with no option but to commit Mr Zuma to imprisonment, with the hope… Continue reading ConCourt send Zuma to Jail – Zondo – “spider web”

Eskom information and off grid systems

Powering your home, business, vehicle, farm, or cabin with solar energy, but also another "back-up system" for in case you have lots of rain and a cloudy environment.   Gas and generations systems are also options.    *Daar is reeds families en besighede wat poog om totaal weg te beweeg van 'n duur Eskom stelsel.   … Continue reading Eskom information and off grid systems

Econ oil and tenders – Nothemba Mlonzi 

On their website, it is stated that Econ Oil company was founded in 2001 and started operations in 2003.    They also said they are is proud to be a pioneer in the provision of industrial energy solutions with an innovative customer centric approach to the way we do business. Econ Oil is a privately… Continue reading Econ oil and tenders – Nothemba Mlonzi 

State Capture 25 May 2021 Dudu Myeni

A criminal charge must be laid against former SAA board chairperson Dudu Myeni for her defiance of a summons, says Deputy Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.   Myeni was scheduled to appear before the commission on Tuesday at 9 m. Her lawyer, advocate Nqabayethu Buthelezi, pleaded with the inquiry that Myeni had no intention to defy the… Continue reading State Capture 25 May 2021 Dudu Myeni

Eskom corruption – Michael Lomas

One of many big fishes at Eskom that swam away with money - but how much money was actually stolen or extra paid into special accounts in, luxury homes bought over a long period of time, no one from public will really know. The houses purchased look durable and flashy.   Expensive houses.   Now, who is… Continue reading Eskom corruption – Michael Lomas

Ramaphosa – Corruption – Zondo

Ministers op nasionale en provinsiale vlakke sowel plaaslike owerhede en tradisionele leiers, op vlak 3 regering, werk saam aan die ANC se planne om die land te laat ondergaan.   Hulle is die bestuurders, maak die wetgewings en beleid, gee en ken tenders toe, stel swart bemagtigers aan wat ook nie die werk kan doen nie,… Continue reading Ramaphosa – Corruption – Zondo

Zuma – sage

Wat of wie is dit wat agter die hele Zuma sage sit - alewige verskoning op verskoning dat misdaad aksies gaan verdwyn.    Duidelik is daar spanne osse in Zuma se kraal nes met al die voor hom.   Sekere politieke leiers en lede van MK maak hul skuldig om misdaad wat gepleeg is, wat beskerm… Continue reading Zuma – sage