Mislukte Suid-Afrika – SA Failed

The ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC) party has failed the whole of South Africa, not only his party.    Ramaphosa was credited in the past by many for fighting corruption and cleaning up government and the ruling ANC, but there is no such evidence to do it.  Aanvanklik het navolgers en ander lande se leiers… Continue reading Mislukte Suid-Afrika – SA Failed

Responsibilities of SA president – Failed government

  SA is not a democracy at all.   Who gave the orders to arson and terrorism.  ActionSA has announced on 14 July 2021 that the president of the country, Ramaphosa, various ministers, Cele and also the rest of the Executive have a positive legal obligation to uphold and maintain law and order in the whole… Continue reading Responsibilities of SA president – Failed government

ANC electricity plan

Recently, Ramaphosa told the virtual World Economic Forum (WEF) Davis Dialogues that he was in the process of roping in private players in the industry and allowing local municipalities to generate their own electricity. He said the move would allow the government to rapidly expand its energy generation capacity. *That is part of the "one… Continue reading ANC electricity plan

“Nationalisation – Nasionalisering”

Die mosie van die EFF wat 'n paar jaar gelede al ingedien is om die liberaal verligte grondwet (kommunisties) te wysig, is steeds hangend en daar word hard gewerk om alles te implementeer.  Vorige besware wat ingedien is, is nooit in aanmerking geneem nie, dus, kan die ANC, EFF en ander partye die grondwet wysig… Continue reading “Nationalisation – Nasionalisering”

Rogues’ Gallery – Corruption in Southern Africa

Rogues’ Gallery book  Geen land of regering is ooit gevrywaar van korrupsie nie, al spog hul oor "demokrasie".   Die een pas waarskynlik by die vorige regimes aan of almal werk saam om meer "elites" te vorm wat steel en daarna hul vrywaar om gevang of gevonnis te word.  Daarvan getuig al die misdaad, moorde, oorloë… Continue reading Rogues’ Gallery – Corruption in Southern Africa

“Power grab” 2020

What ministers are responsible for all local authorities since 1994?   The DA stated that the fundamental reason for the collapse of many municipalities across South Africa has been the ANC’s cadre deployment policies and the wholescale mismanagement, corruption and criminalisation of the state that followed. Municipal officials were not appointed for competency, but rather political… Continue reading “Power grab” 2020