“Nationalisation – Nasionalisering”

Die mosie van die EFF wat 'n paar jaar gelede al ingedien is om die liberaal verligte grondwet (kommunisties) te wysig, is steeds hangend en daar word hard gewerk om alles te implementeer.  Vorige besware wat ingedien is, is nooit in aanmerking geneem nie, dus, kan die ANC, EFF en ander partye die grondwet wysig… Continue reading “Nationalisation – Nasionalisering”

Vosloopark Squatters removed

In Augustus 2020 was reeds berig in Vaalweekblad oor die talle mense wat tydens die staat van inperking hul werke verloor het.   Die groot probleem is nêrens meer ooglopend as langs die oewers van riviere in die Vaaldriehoek nie.  Hierdie is nie die enigste plakkersgebied in Suid-Afrika nie - daar is duisende plakkersgebiede. Te midde… Continue reading Vosloopark Squatters removed

Proposed Pepuda legislation

  PEPUDA is an acronym for the Promotion of Equality and Prevention of Unfair Discrimination Act and is otherwise known as the “Equality Act”.  It was passed into law in 2000 to give teeth to section 9 of the South African Constitution, which prohibits unfair discrimination – including “hate speech” – on a wide range… Continue reading Proposed Pepuda legislation

Taishan Nuclear Power plant in China

It was stated in the New York time on 16 June 2021 that the engineers in China are building a radically different type of reactor that some experts say offers a safer nuclear alternative.    The technology will be used in two reactors here on a peninsula jutting into the Yellow Sea, where the Chinese government… Continue reading Taishan Nuclear Power plant in China

China Taishan Nuclear Power Plant

According to reports, China has admitted that "about five" of the fuel rods in the reactor are damaged, but the plant is said to be capable of operating safely with up to 0.25% of its 60,000 fuel rods, or 150, damaged. French nuclear energy company Framatome, owned by Electricity of France (EDF), which controls a… Continue reading China Taishan Nuclear Power Plant

Rhino poaching – Petros Mabuza

Die wat toegeslaan het moes geweet het waar hy homself bevind, so hul volg en slaan toe as die slagoffer dit die minste verwag.   Die aantal koeëls en tipe van swaar ammunisie wat gebruik is, is duidelik te sien en is ook nie die eerste keer nie.  Dan wil die polisie ons ontwapen maar die… Continue reading Rhino poaching – Petros Mabuza

Airships: Zeppelin and Hindenburg disaster

  Ferdinand von Zeppelin is considered the father of the rigid airship, but not all rigid airships are “zeppelins”.   A zeppelin is a rigid airship manufactured by a particular company, the Luftschiffbau Zeppelin of Germany (the “Zeppelin Airship Construction Company”), founded by Count Ferdinand von Zeppelin. * The term zeppelin is often associated with the German airships… Continue reading Airships: Zeppelin and Hindenburg disaster


By 1935, Wünsdor became the headquarters of the Wehrmacht, the unified armed forces of Nazi Germany. Under Hitler’s leadership, Wünsdor became a powerful military stronghold. They built a modern underground communications center called Zeppelin, which had walls up to 3.2 meters thick, and several bombproof bunkers with 80-centimeter thick roofs, and disguised as rural homes. *… Continue reading Germany

Casirivimab and Imdevimab (Regen-cov) (Covid-19)

  Researchers in the U.S. have shown both preventive and treatment effects of an antibody cocktail in animal models of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) - the agent that causes coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).    A combination of two monoclonal antibodies significantly reduced airway viral load and virus-induced pathology in models of both mild and severe… Continue reading Casirivimab and Imdevimab (Regen-cov) (Covid-19)

16 Junie / June 2021

Concentration camp day - any people, provided it is a people, has remembered days or specific moments of those days and what happened.   Even great moderate nations have their own remembering days. And coincidentally, June 16 and December are known dates to most of us and will always remain of those days to remember. Of… Continue reading 16 Junie / June 2021

“Diamond” rush in KwaHlathi Ladysmith

*An apparent “diamond rush” in KwaZulu-Natal has prompted the provincial government to dispatch experts to a site near Ladysmith where residents have over the weekend been extracting stones they believe are diamonds, using household equipment.     * Alles is in rep en roer, daar word gekap en gegrou, op soek na "diamante"  wat eerder… Continue reading “Diamond” rush in KwaHlathi Ladysmith

Eskom information and off grid systems

Powering your home, business, vehicle, farm, or cabin with solar energy, but also another "back-up system" for in case you have lots of rain and a cloudy environment.   Gas and generations systems are also options.    *Daar is reeds families en besighede wat poog om totaal weg te beweeg van 'n duur Eskom stelsel.   … Continue reading Eskom information and off grid systems

Red revolution at Koeberg

Maak nie saak watter metodes word gebruik of aangewend om die hele ekonomie in totale chaos en donker te dompel nie.    Dit word steeds na 1994 gedoen.   Al het die ANC in 1994 in beheer gekom is alles bykans vernietig, heelwat besighede se deure het gesluit, juis as gevolg van die kommunistiese en ekonomiese… Continue reading Red revolution at Koeberg

SAA – Takatso Consortium

  The Ministry of Public Enterprises (DPE) announced today that the Takatso Consortium, comprising Harith General Partners, a leading investor in African infrastructure and airports, and airline management firm Global Airways, has been selected as the preferred Strategic Equity Partner (SEP) for South African Airways (SAA).   EXPOSED: the "Private Company" that bought 51% of… Continue reading SAA – Takatso Consortium

Communism horrors

  Hierdie rewolusie was geen grap nie en nog minder die een waar ons onsself bevind.   The Russian revolution of 1917 - History is replete with examples of leaders, nations, and empires who left a trail of blood behind them. But with the Bolshevik takeover of Russia after the First World War, something new crawled… Continue reading Communism horrors

Special leave Zweli Mkhize – Digital Vibes

Ramaphosa has placed minister of health Zweli Mkhize on special leave while the Special Investigative Unit (SIU) conducts investigations into allegations of corruption at the health department.   This period of special leave will enable the minister to attend to allegations and investigations concerning contracts between the Department of Health and a service provider – Digital… Continue reading Special leave Zweli Mkhize – Digital Vibes

SA Parliament 4 June 2021 – Digital Vibes – Mkhize

In a virtual meeting, the Department of Health provided an update on the investigation into the awarding of the Digital Vibes contract.    It took place on 4 June 2021, Chairperson: Dr S Dhlomo (ANC).  The Director-General presented the briefing in lieu of the Minister, who had received legal advice not to appear before the Committee. … Continue reading SA Parliament 4 June 2021 – Digital Vibes – Mkhize

10 Babies for Sithole family

Regeringsamptenare beweer in die media hulle weet van niks of rekords oor die 10 baba's nie.   Is this the truth?  A South African woman has reportedly given birth to 10 babies at once, besting a world record set just last month.    The Pretoria News reported that Gosiame Thamara Sithole, 37, gave birth by Caesarean section… Continue reading 10 Babies for Sithole family

Eskom – Koeberg

Eskom has suspended its general manager, Velaphi Ntuli at the Koeberg Power station, while investigations are being conducted into his performance at the nuclear power station.  Unit 1 is not working since January 2021. * Eskom design faults* Mantshantsha also said Chief Nuclear Officer, Riedewaan Bakardien will oversee all the operations of the power station… Continue reading Eskom – Koeberg

Eskom – ‘design faults’

Do not think the public believe the stories in the liberal media, they do not believe the statement made by Andre De Ruyter that the problems started more than 40 years ago due to a lack of maintenance during the "so-called" apartheid regime, which Eskom is now trying to catch up with.   De Ruyter stated… Continue reading Eskom – ‘design faults’