Cable theft – Kabel diefstal – Westdene

  ER24 paramedics responded to a call just after 12pm on 16 September after a man sustained injuries after catching alight. It is alleged that the man, with another suspect, had broken into the mini substation on the property of the Westdene Recreational Centre.   He has been taken to hospital after catching fire during alleged cable… Continue reading Cable theft – Kabel diefstal – Westdene


Rant-en-Dal – Traffic officer stuck on moving car

  Is this a real traffic officer or not?       The traffic officer stuck on moving car’s bonnet on Robert Broom Drive.   It is not yet clear how this incident happened or what made the officer get on top of the car’s bonnet.  The News has been made aware of a video doing the rounds on Facebook of… Continue reading Rant-en-Dal – Traffic officer stuck on moving car

1911 – South Africa – Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association - The CPA was founded in 1911 at a meeting of Heads of Government in Westminster Hall as the then-Empire Parliamentary Association and its affairs were administered by the UK Branch. The original members were Australia, Canada, Newfoundland, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom. FOTO - PHOTO  (1924) Westminster -… Continue reading 1911 – South Africa – Commonwealth Parliamentary Association

Ramaphosa – Extraordinary Summit (AU)

  Each country has their own border control, even African countries - try and go into EU or any other country without legal papers, like working permits, visas and passports.  President Cyril Ramaphosa’s unprecedented decision to dispatch a high-profile delegation of envoys to at least seven African countries to explain the recent xenophobic violence has solicited… Continue reading Ramaphosa – Extraordinary Summit (AU)

Eskom – Sabotasie – belastingbetalers

Terrorism - Arson - Optimum Mine sustained millions in damages after a devastating fire set the mine’s conveyor belts alight on Sunday,  15 September 2019.   What about all the pollution in the air and water?  Wie doen sulke dinge aan hul eie land?   Vernietiging - nie net van infrastrukture nie, maar ook hier kan duidelik… Continue reading Eskom – Sabotasie – belastingbetalers

Rica –

The judge declared that the bulk surveillance activities and foreign signals interception undertaken by the National Communications Centre were unlawful and invalid. Die regter het verklaar dat die groot toesigaktiwiteite en die onderskep van buitelandse seine wat deur die Nasionale Kommunikasiesentrum onderneem is, onwettig en ongeldig was. After a drawn-out court battle first initiated by… Continue reading Rica –

Prynnsberg – Estate of Grace

There’s a tangible madness that permeates the story of Prynnsberg. But it’s more divine madness, mad genius perhaps – and one that attracts, rather than repels. In the foothills of the Maluti Mountains, Prynnsberg forms part of a string of gentleman’s country estates established for British ex-servicemen in the eastern Free State – few of… Continue reading Prynnsberg – Estate of Grace