Estonia – Independence

Jaan Poska: “Today is the most important day of the past 700 years for Estonia, because today, for the first time, Estonia alone will determine the future fate of its people.” Elke volk het die reg om hulself te regeer in gebiede wat hulle sin is.   Estonia is daardie onafhanklikheid gegun as volk om oor… Continue reading Estonia – Independence

Republic of San Marino (301) – Micro states

The Vatican recognised San Marino’s independence in 1631, confirming its status as a sovereign state.    San Marino’s economy is founded on tourism, finance and services. San Marino is not a member of the European Union. However, the Republic uses the euro with the blessing of the Council of the European Union.   San Marino’s economy was… Continue reading Republic of San Marino (301) – Micro states

Unesco, Human Rights, Racism and the Nuremberg Code

Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights ... Noting the United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 16 December 1966, the United Nations International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination of 21 December 1965, ... BLACK empowerment and… Continue reading Unesco, Human Rights, Racism and the Nuremberg Code

To kill the white citizens in South Africa

The mission and end goal are to attack, torture and kill - as well as rape. The shouting and singing of them are like thunder, today it is there and tomorrow it is back again, sometimes more intense than other days and more destructure as possible. The ANC red revolution did not stop in 1994,… Continue reading To kill the white citizens in South Africa

KNP – Kruger National Park

The first ‘real’ tourists were welcomed to the park in 1926. Before that, in 1922, there were railway tours that passed through the reserve – the trains would stop for one day in the park to allow passengers to view the wildlife. Letaba camp - 1930 * It was a few years before the South… Continue reading KNP – Kruger National Park

Kruger National Park (KNP)

  Nicknamed by the Tsonga people as “Skukuza”, which loosely translates to “The man that turns everything upside down or the man that sweeps clean”, James Stevenson-Hamilton was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1867.  Although well educated, James Stevenson-Hamilton decided to follow a career in the military and he stationed himself on the banks of… Continue reading Kruger National Park (KNP)

Helderberg – Flight 295 – 28 November 1987

Decades back, on 28 November 1987, a South African Airways Boeing 747 with 159 people on board disappeared over the Indian Ocean in the middle of the night.   Only one thing was certain: there was a fire (or two) on board the plane before it vanished. With only a few bodies, a small amount of… Continue reading Helderberg – Flight 295 – 28 November 1987

Demarcation -Afbakening

Nie net word Munisipale afbakening gedoen nie, maar ook Distrikte, Soms word EEN volk, wat voorheen moontlik as 'n volk die meerderheid was, onderdruk en opgesny in meer as een gebied en gedwing om saam ander te val, sodat daar meer geweld tussen onderskeie volke kan voortduur. Dit het ook betrekking tot begrotings wat toegeken… Continue reading Demarcation -Afbakening

Truck drivers in SA – unemployment

The situation of double standards of the authorities in South Africa is out of hand and created more crime. The burning pot of red revolution and their masters watch them for decades.   Under the lockdown, some have 20 parents against 500 plus at their "peaceful marches".    But, who is then in control of the… Continue reading Truck drivers in SA – unemployment

Leiers van vandag – Leaders of today

Politicians have been guilty for 26 years of protecting criminals and terrorists and it is possible, it is also longer than 26 years since 1900. Some criminals and terrorists that have been caught, have some of the best quality of life in South African prisons, while victims have to pay for everything. Cyril Ramaphosa is… Continue reading Leiers van vandag – Leaders of today