Alhoewel 'n belangrike komponent vir energie en metabolisme, kan oormatige gebruik van Sink moontlik gevaarlik wees en enige persoon siek maak.  Let op na al die betrokke vitamines wat reeds daagliks  ingeneem word en hoeveelheid  Sink wat hierby gevoeg is.    *Zinc – Ivermectin – Doxycycline – virusCopper – Koper*Zinc is an important dietary nutrient that… Continue reading Zinc

America – Transylvania

It was stated in 2010 that Transylvania was not only home to the world's most popular vampire; it was also the name of the area that today makes up Kentucky state. It existed for about a year until Congress voted against making it America's 14th colony.    * * The Transylvanian settlers set up a… Continue reading America – Transylvania

Slavery – human trafficking

In the late 18th century, a small band of British Quakers and other humanitarian-minded folk began to build the case against the slave trade. Britain’s supremacy in maritime power and technology meant that it led the world in the transatlantic trade in African “cargo”, having overtaken Portuguese, Spanish and French competitors.    And today, it is… Continue reading Slavery – human trafficking

Ivermektien – Ivermectin – Hannes Strydom

Nog 'n Ivermektien briesie het  oor Suid-Afrika begin waai  -  'n oud sport held en dalk vir sommige onbekend, maar Hannes Strydom, apteker, het hom geskaar om die wettigheid van Ivermektien te gebruik saam die ander dokters en afriforum.   Dit gaan oor om menselewens verbeter en selfs te vergemaklik, nie oor beheer en kontrole deur… Continue reading Ivermektien – Ivermectin – Hannes Strydom

Ivermectin – India and Brittain

  Since August 2020 in India - Ivermectin, a deworming drug, can be used as a supporting medicine for Covid-19 patients under home isolation and their contacts, according to doctors.   Officials said the kiosks would come up at the airport, city bus stations, railway stations, etc.Ivermektien medikasie word al vir maande in Indië beskikbaar gemaak. … Continue reading Ivermectin – India and Brittain

Two independent Boer republics

The two independent Boer Republics came under British control, becoming the Orange River Colony and Transvaal Colony. Today, these areas and others make up the Republic of South Africa. To learn more about the Boer Wars and their place in South African history today, watch independent scholar Martin Meredith’s excellent lecture “Diamonds, Gold and War:… Continue reading Two independent Boer republics

ABW – The Absent-Minded Beggar

In Britain, supporters of the war effort sought to raise funds for British reservists who were placed on active duty and left with little means to support their families on a salary of “shilling a day.”    The newspaper the Daily Mail created a successful charity campaign using the-then popular song “The Absent-Minded Beggar” with words… Continue reading ABW – The Absent-Minded Beggar

Zondo Commission – Zuma – 2021

Section 2 of the Constitution, headed Supremacy of the Constitution, declares that “this Constitution is the supreme law of the Republic; law or conduct inconsistent with it is invalid, and the obligations imposed by it must be fulfilled”.   When Zuma was twice sworn in as president, he took an oath that he would “be faithful to the… Continue reading Zondo Commission – Zuma – 2021

Immune system – Immuniteitstelsel

White blood cells, also known as leukocytes, are the body's natural defense against infections, and are a major part of the function of the immune system. They eat away foreign bacteria and other organisms that invade the body, and they are therefore responsible for immunity (the ability of the body to fight infections). Some people… Continue reading Immune system – Immuniteitstelsel

Quercetin – immune system

You can find Quercetin in apples, peppers, red wine, dark cherries and berries, tomatoes, cruciferous veggies, leafy green veggies, citrus fruits, cocoa, cranberries, wholegrains, raw asparagus, capers, raw red onion, olive oil, black and green tea, beans/legumes, and herbs. So basically, Quercetin is easy to consume if you eat a variety of colorful fruits and… Continue reading Quercetin – immune system

Ivermectin – Carte blanche

It is claimed that "trial data" are extremely poor about Ivermectin, but whether this is really the case one will not really know, as medical doctors overseas in different countries have been doing various trials for some time now that worked on the sick and ill people. There is even less data available on vaccines… Continue reading Ivermectin – Carte blanche

Quercetin – Onion, fruits …

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - was expressed by Hippocrates more than 2000 years ago and the health benefits of natural food products have been considered for different goals since the ancient times.   What is Quercetin? * Quercetin is a plant pigment (flavonoid). It is found in many plants and foods,… Continue reading Quercetin – Onion, fruits …

IVermectin …. IVermektien

Waar het Ivermektien begin en hoeveel keer is dit al gebruik vir hoeveel siektestoestande en parasiete? In Suid-Afrika word dit al vir etlike dekades deur Boere vir hul varke, beeste, skape gebruik om verskillende soorte parasiete dood te maak.   Dit is ookal vir mense aangewend om siekes te genees in verskeie Afrika, Yemen en Suid-Amerikaanse… Continue reading IVermectin …. IVermektien

Choline and Cholecalciferol

Choline is an essential nutrient and an organic, water-soluble compound. It is neither a vitamin nor a mineral.    It impacts liver function, healthy brain development, muscle movement, your nervous system and metabolism.  This means it’s required for normal bodily function and human health. Though your liver can make small amounts, you must obtain the… Continue reading Choline and Cholecalciferol

Ivermectin in SA – Doctors

The North Gauteng high court application was launched by GP Dr George Coetzee, two of his patients, and Afriforum “in the public interest”. They claimed the drug — not registered in South Africa for human use — “may well be the wonder drug that can save the nation”.   And they wanted a judge to force… Continue reading Ivermectin in SA – Doctors

What is proning ventilation

Doctors believe this position helps in improving the oxygen flow in critical patients, making them less likely to be intubated or require ventilator support.  India - 'Proning' is one such technique, that has received acknowledgement from both government and private hospitals in Chennai.   What is proning? As the word suggests, it simply means to make… Continue reading What is proning ventilation

Toxic Methanol in Hand Sanitizers

How dangerous is sanitizers with Methanol to all our people, because some people are making use of it more than once during visiting shops and malls, etc?  Dodgy hand sanitiser sprayed by SA stores could cause rashes - even hallucinations or perhaps other or even related "virus" results?   Be careful to children and little ones… Continue reading Toxic Methanol in Hand Sanitizers