Violation of Human rights – B-BBEE and EE

The SA government, liberal parties and their supporters are quick to refer to events from the past, especially March 21, 1960 or even to apartheid, which were not created by our whites during 1960.    For information, during 1960 we in SA were all still under British government control and common wealth. Named the Union… Continue reading Violation of Human rights – B-BBEE and EE

Corruption 2018 Korrupsie

Korrupsie is nog nooit werklik vasgevat en behoorlik uitgeroei nie.   Noem enige skandaal op en sien of daar enige iemand behoorlik verhoor en gestraf is.  Veral die elite wat agter dit sit.  Dis nie die grondvlakmense wat die skandaal uitgedink het nie   Wapenskandaal - Etol-stelsel - Prasa - Teksboeke - Nkandla - Guptas - Staatskaping. … Continue reading Corruption 2018 Korrupsie

PABASA (regsvereniging vir swartes)

This is nothing less than racism and discrimination against ALL whites in South Africa and a further connection to B-BBEE legislations of the current President, Ramaphosa that created the Commission and the driver of black economic empowerment (communism).  Wie en wat is Pabasa? * The Pan African Bar Association of South Africa is a national… Continue reading PABASA (regsvereniging vir swartes)