Nadel – National Association of Democratic Lawyers

NADEL is a voluntary organisation of lawyers,which has as its primary goal a legal and judicial system that realises access to justice for disadvantaged people and the rule of law. * NADEL emerges from NEC meeting more adamant than ever to fight all forms of barriers of entry to the legal profession 20 November 2019 … Continue reading Nadel – National Association of Democratic Lawyers

(Pelosi) – “America’s president Trump and impeachment”

From the Chicago Tribune - “Today we will make history,'' Pelosi said as she signed the documents, using multiple pens to hand out and mark the moment. “This president will be held accountable."   Moments later the prosecutors walked solemnly through the stately hall, filing into the Senate back row as the Clerk of the House… Continue reading (Pelosi) – “America’s president Trump and impeachment”

Videos – killings – murders – nuclear – war

All world leaders must stop the creation of nuclear weapons, not only Iran, but also America, Brittain, Israel, Russia, France, China, North Korea, India and ALL others involved to "create the power in the world" (ELITES).    Interesting facts - most of those world leaders came down on South Africa before 1994 to dismantle our… Continue reading Videos – killings – murders – nuclear – war

“The PS752 “mistake” in Iran

Terrorists missions are to destroy innocent people and all their properties, to hack governments to take control, especially if there are oil.   The military in Iran blamed human error, saying the Ukrainian jet had taken a sharp, unexpected turn that brought it near a military base. * If Soleimani and any other terrorist leader of… Continue reading “The PS752 “mistake” in Iran

Australia – REE  –  Lunas Corporation Mount Weld’s

Sprawled across a spent volcano on the remote edge of the Great Victoria Desert in Western Australia, the Mount Weld mine seems a world away from the U.S.-China trade war.  But the dispute has been a lucrative one for Lynas Corp., Mount Weld’s Australian owner. The mine boasts one of the world’s richest deposits of rare… Continue reading Australia – REE  –  Lunas Corporation Mount Weld’s

Australia – Minerals – REE

  World production in 2013 of rare earth oxides was 110,000 tonne, with main production from China of 100,000 tonne, USA at 4,000 tonne and Australia at 2,000 tonne, mainly from the Mount Weld deposit in Western Australia. World resources are dominated by deposits rich in the minerals bastnasite, and monazite., with the largest resources… Continue reading Australia – Minerals – REE

Ukrainian Boeing 737 – Iran

Iranians, Canadians, Ukrainians, Swedes, Afghans, Germans and Britons killed in crash.    It is reported that an Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 had suffered an engine malfunction before it went down a few minutes after taking off from Tehran’s Imam Khomeini airport, an airport official has said.    The engine caught fire when the plane was airborne,… Continue reading Ukrainian Boeing 737 – Iran