USA – SA and … Guptas …

The Guptas as well as their colleagues and associations were blacklisted over the widespread corruption, not only in South Africa.     That means, the sanctions immediately freeze any assets the blacklisted individuals have under US jurisdiction and forbid Americans and/ or US businesses — particularly international banks with any US operations — from transactions with… Continue reading USA – SA and … Guptas …


Lesotho Highlands Water Project

The Lesotho Highlands Water Project’s (LHWP) assets, the LHDA jointly with the Trans Caledon Tunnel Authority (TCTA) have started routine inspection and maintenance works on the water transfer and delivery tunnels.   This is to ensure continued sustainable operations and service of the tunnels and all electro-mechanical components from the Katse Intake Tower, through Muela Power… Continue reading Lesotho Highlands Water Project

Orania onderwyser – statutêre verkragting – opinies #StatutoryRape

It has been reported by TimesLive that a student teacher at a school in the town is a wanted man, after allegedly committing statutory rape against one of the underage students. Carel Boshoff, a representative for Orania, told the publication that a SAPS investigation is now underway.    Carel Boshoff van Orania teenoor die media bevestig het… Continue reading Orania onderwyser – statutêre verkragting – opinies #StatutoryRape

Paul Kruger se dae in die vreemde – 10 Oktober

Hy was welbekend - nie net in die ou ZAR nie, maar ook in ander lande, soos Nederland.  Dalk vir baie 'n vreemde ervaring, maar vir sommiges nie.  Monumente en kransleggings wys dat Paul Kruger wel 'n geliefde persoon was.   Heelwat burgers het geweet dat Paul Krüger oorsee gegaan het.     Dit was egter nie… Continue reading Paul Kruger se dae in die vreemde – 10 Oktober

The Saami people – Arctic Council

  Who are the Saami peoples.    The indigenous Saami peoples, these Northern old growth forests are essential to Saami reindeer herding, a traditional way of life that the Saami hope to continue into future generations.  The Saami are the indigenous people of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia The Arctic Council is the leading intergovernmental… Continue reading The Saami people – Arctic Council

“Global Climate OPINIONS” – Freeman Dyson – Piers Corbyn – Samuel Heinrich Schwabe – Matt Penn – Putin

Siklusse van warm, koud en ys.   Soos wat somers kom en gaan, so het winters ook gekom en gaan, en nooit is een winter dieselfde as 'n ander winter nie.    Sommige somers word weer warmer en bly lank warm, dan vir 'n paar jaar is daar nie soveel hitte nie.    Mens glo, dis… Continue reading “Global Climate OPINIONS” – Freeman Dyson – Piers Corbyn – Samuel Heinrich Schwabe – Matt Penn – Putin

Kilt NGO – Gill Marcus – PIC commission – Steinhoff and others – Afrikaans

Is education not only a government function (if you believe LESUFI)?    But who and what is Kilt and their purpose or Gill Marcus involvement?   Why only in Knysna, what about all the other cities and towns in South Africa that need the same opportunities?   Why do Lesufi then want the planned "Afrikaans university" for… Continue reading Kilt NGO – Gill Marcus – PIC commission – Steinhoff and others – Afrikaans