Tanzania Africa

Regarding the Covid-19 virus, it was earlier stated on 2 November 2020, that when Covid-19 arrived in Tanzania, their President Magufuli didn't believe in his people to stay at home. He wanted his people to get into the churches and mosques to pray.    He also believe that the Coronavirus, which is a devil, cannot… Continue reading Tanzania Africa

One Household One Hectare – Committee Parliament

The Committee was briefed by the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development on the One Household One Hectare Programme; The Land Development Support Programme (LDS) & LandCare programmes. The Recapitalisation and Development Programme (RECAP) was introduced in order to address the challenges by targeting properties acquired since 1994 through Restitution and Redistribution programmes.… Continue reading One Household One Hectare – Committee Parliament

KAS – CIS -Afriforum-Pioneer-Saai-AaA- Agrico-Boiphitlhelelo – Noga’s Post village

Die skema is swart bemagtiging en heet Koöperatiewe aansporingskema (KAS) - "  The scheme referred to as the Co-operative Incentive Scheme" (CIS) and a B-BBEE scheme.AfriForum, Pioneer, Saai, Agri All Africa (AaA), Purposely Ignited, Boschveld Free Range Chickens, Agrico and Laeveld Agrochem took hands with the Boiphitlhelelo Co-operative to tackle a joint agricultural development project… Continue reading KAS – CIS -Afriforum-Pioneer-Saai-AaA- Agrico-Boiphitlhelelo – Noga’s Post village

Article 25 of Constitution – Expropriation – Parliament-Afriforum

Parliament, Tuesday 15 September 2020 – Parliament is opposing AfriForum’s application to the High Court Western Cape Division (Cape Town), asking the court to declare Parliament’s adoption of the Joint Constitutional Review Committee (CRC) report on the possible review of Section 25 of the Constitution constitutionally invalid. * Parliament’s basis for opposing this application – scheduled… Continue reading Article 25 of Constitution – Expropriation – Parliament-Afriforum

Farm attacks and killings – South Africa Oct2020

Facts are real and farm (whites) attacks and killings are real, the killing of our history, culture, traditions and Afrikaans are real - it is genocide.    And B-BBEE is also part of that. Genocide is not only about the killing of people, but also their language, culture, identity, history, traditions, etc.     Of the… Continue reading Farm attacks and killings – South Africa Oct2020

Number Gangsters (mafias) of SA Prison – 26, 27, 28

Very interesting article about gangsters and number gangsters.  It is obvious, that some or most of those gang members interviewed were well-spoken and also “well-trained”.   (Trained by somebody and “informed” about their “history”),  They are not so old, and could not live during the so-called apartheid years or even when Van Riebeeck, when he arrived… Continue reading Number Gangsters (mafias) of SA Prison – 26, 27, 28

Corruption – Eskom – Parliament

Eskom se skuldbrug kom al 'n lang pad aan en dit was al meer as een keer in Parlement bespreek met hoeveel komitees wat net niks bereik het nie.   Eskom se korrupsie en kapings veroorsaak heelwat ontwrigting in Suid-Afrika.    Korrupsie is die grootste oorsaak van ons rommelstatus en dit word nie deur parlementslede aangespreek… Continue reading Corruption – Eskom – Parliament

Illegal dumping and hotspots in South Africa

  Dis hoe die nasionale blomme in Suid-Afrika lyk.      "Spesiale Groentes groei  met 'n spoed en kan enige tyd afgepluk word.   Katte kan ook sommer kleintjies kry".     Oral is inwoners verseker trots op hul blommewêreld wat hul geskep het, want die " groentes " wat aangeplant is, kos hulle niks nie en… Continue reading Illegal dumping and hotspots in South Africa