Self-determination for the oppressed people

Under international law, minority groups that qualify as “peoples” have the right to self-determination: the ability to freely determine their political fate and form a representative government.    Peoples who are oppressed or colonized, however, have the right to external self-determination, which they may exercise through secession from their mother state.   Afrikaner and Boers (all… Continue reading Self-determination for the oppressed people

Racism and Discrimination South Africa

What is the ongoing situation since the early 1990's under the specific so-called "democratic constitution?   Discrimination and racism is part of this so-called democracy.   Expropriation of land and other properties, from white people, falls under Section 25, also discrimination.   Black Empowerment Legislations (B-BBEE and EE) are published in the Government Gazette and is praised by… Continue reading Racism and Discrimination South Africa

“Development of One Plans” – Ramaphosa

"ONE PLANS" - a. The development of One Plans ....    #bolshevism The Democratic Alliance (DA) is in possession of what appears to be a government document that describes the Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity for the “macro re-organisation of the state", and proposes to make the Command Council system a model for government beyond… Continue reading “Development of One Plans” – Ramaphosa

Discrimination and Racism – 21 March 2019

  At the United Nations:   Dismantle ‘Harmful and Specious’ Notion of Racial Superiority, Secretary-General Urges in Message on International Day against Discrimination.      21 March 2019.   The opposite is happening in South Africa today, where more than 100 legislations discriminated against the white minorities of South Africa since 1994 - even the so-called democratic… Continue reading Discrimination and Racism – 21 March 2019


B-BBEE IS LEGISLATION IT IS NOT ONLY A SIMPLE POLICY . . . . . The Commencement of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Amendment Act, 2013 (Act No. 46 of 2013). In terms of section 10 (2) of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Amendment Act, 2013 (Act No. 46 of 2013), determined that the Act… Continue reading BLACK EMPOWERMENT SOUTH AFRICA

Front National – Zindzi Mandela

  THE FOLLOWING LETTER WAS SENT TO THE ROYAL PALACE IN COPENHAGEN THIS MORNING 18 June 2019 Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark Amalienborg Palace 1257 Copenhagen, Denmark Majesty, Social media statements by South African Ambassador No doubt by now Your Majesty have been informed of a social media uproar caused by the… Continue reading Front National – Zindzi Mandela

Blankes – beskerm julleself

  Blankes word opnuut gevra om by Burgerlike beskerming en ook buurt/plaaswagte groepe in omgewing wat betroubaar is, aan te sluit.  Stig jou eie as dit nodig is.  Word weerbaar.  Kom uit daardie gemaksone, oud en jonk.   Gaan vir opleiding en skerp eie veiligheid op, wees altyd oplettend en te alle tye paraat - of… Continue reading Blankes – beskerm julleself

Black racism at Johannesburg

  Rassisme loop hoog by universiteite om geletterd te word.   Obsessie oor blankes vergroot daagliks.    Daarom word die geleenthede vir blankes in die huidige omstandighede nog slegter.   Heelwat van ons jongmense wat baie graag verder wil studeer, nie geleentheid het om dit te doen nie.  Johannesburg universiteit het net nog 'n platform geword waar… Continue reading Black racism at Johannesburg

Hartseer drama op Vanderbijlpark

Tragic morning at #HoërskoolDriehoek . Condolences to 3 childrens families who passed away after bridge collapse, also those who are in critical condition. Gebede aan elke ouer wat 'n geliefde kind vandag verloor het en ook die ongeluk wat gebeur het.  Dis tragies en hartseer.  Sterkte aan die skool, julle gaan nog baie berading nodig… Continue reading Hartseer drama op Vanderbijlpark

Racism: Siyanda Dizzy Gumede (accident Vanderbijlpark)

Facebook user unleashes rage with comment on three dead Hoërskool Driehoek ‘white kids’ Facebook user Siyanda Dizzy Gumede may have gotten more of a response than he bargained for when he commented on a post on SABC News’ Facebook page this morning about the breaking news that at least three school pupils were killed in… Continue reading Racism: Siyanda Dizzy Gumede (accident Vanderbijlpark)