Shepstone and ABW

Sir Theophilus Shepstone was a British statesman who was responsible for the annexation of the Transvaal to Britain in 1877.   Theophilus Shepstone was born at Westbury-on-Trym near Bristol, England. When he was three years old his father, the Rev. William Theophilus, emigrated to Cape Colony. Young Shepstone was educated at the native mission stations at… Continue reading Shepstone and ABW

African lakes and fishes – Cichlid fishes-Tropiese visse

  In 1890, at the height of the European scramble for colonies in Africa, Britain and Germany divided Lake Victoria at 1° south latitude, with the southern portion allotted to Germany, the northern portion to Britain.  Lake Victoria - Victoria Nyanza, is the largest lake in Africa and the second largest body of fresh water… Continue reading African lakes and fishes – Cichlid fishes-Tropiese visse

Separate areas of British empire

  Theophilus Shepstone was verantwoordelik vir heelwat aangeleenthede nadat sy voorgeslagte hier geland het, veral vir die afbakening van die reservate vir swartes, vir die instelling van die hutbelasting (1849) en vir die heerskappy deur leiers wat aan homself lojaal was.  Hy was diep betrokke by die onafhanklike ZAR en Vrystaat wat geannekseer is,  sowel… Continue reading Separate areas of British empire

Dr Hendrik Verwoerd (1901-1966)

Before 1970.   Dr Verwoerd wanted justice to all - black, coloureds, asian and white, all ethnic groups of people to build their own future, life, culture, language, traditions, and all new challenges thereafter.   In line with international laws.    Here are the few videos of Dr Hendrik Verwoerd.   There are still segregation in South Africa… Continue reading Dr Hendrik Verwoerd (1901-1966)

Shepstone – Natal, roots of segregation

All our ancestors lived under the British empire and their colonial control - various African countries as well as Canada and Australia.    It was first in the Cape colony followed by the Anglo Boer wars and annexations.  Mostly they were only focused on the minerals in certain areas like Witwatersrand and Kimberley.    In… Continue reading Shepstone – Natal, roots of segregation