Ramaphosa: Weermag – besoedelingbeheer

Ons land lyk oral sleg - as dit nie die besoedeling van die Vaalrivier en dam is nie, is dit die Oranje of ander riviere.  Pateties dat munisipaliteite nie hul Verordeninge nakom of selfs staatsdepartemente en ministers wat nie die besighede opvolg wat besoedel, hetsy lug, water of see.  Volgende foto's is in Midrand geneem. … Continue reading Ramaphosa: Weermag – besoedelingbeheer


Swart bemagtiging/onteiening

Back economic empowerment - B-BBEE or BEE and Expropriation of land and all other properties.   Expropriation included all properties, land, equipment, shares, salaries, everything.    When FW de Klerk and Mandela / Tutu called us a "rainbow nation" it was false, because there is no rainbow nation in South Africa. Daar is geen swart en… Continue reading Swart bemagtiging/onteiening

DA and its coalitions/ koalisies

During the 2016 municipal elections, the Democratic Alliance says it has entered into coalition agreements with a number of smaller opposition parties.      “The DA today announces that we have entered into arrangements to bring together a broad coalition of the Congress of the People (COPE), African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP), Freedom Front+ (FF+) and… Continue reading DA and its coalitions/ koalisies