Durban 18-19 July 2021

Violence and looting has raged in South Africa for the sixth day running, stoking fears of food and fuel shortages as disruption to farming, manufacturing and oil refining began to bite amid the country’s worst unrest in decades.   More than 1,200 people have been arrested in the lawlessness that has raged in poor areas of… Continue reading Durban 18-19 July 2021

Responsibilities of SA president – Failed government

  SA is not a democracy at all.   Who gave the orders to arson and terrorism.  ActionSA has announced on 14 July 2021 that the president of the country, Ramaphosa, various ministers, Cele and also the rest of the Executive have a positive legal obligation to uphold and maintain law and order in the whole… Continue reading Responsibilities of SA president – Failed government

Mandela (Mells Park House)

  Few ordinary South Africans were aware that this “process” had begun in high secrecy more than two years before Mandela’s release, when the ANC in exile had, in effect, done a deal with members of the Afrikaner elite at a stately home, Mells Park House, Frome, Somerset . The prime movers were the corporations… Continue reading Mandela (Mells Park House)

High levels of Violence in SA – July 2021 ongoing

What needs to happen is that the ANC, the ruling party and the others, like EFF have to take responsibility for the violence and the destroyed businesses, burnt shopping centres and houses.  Members of parliament and those leaders behind this arsons and violence must take responsibility for the terrorist actions.   The ANC must take the… Continue reading High levels of Violence in SA – July 2021 ongoing

Ramaphosa – “BEE not a racist policy”

On 14 November 2020 Ramaphosa stated in Parliament that the BEE - B-BBEE means Black economic empowerment,  that it is a policy, it is not a racist policy but an empowering tool.   Empowering tool to create racism and discrimination.  The B-BBEE and EE legislations are all official legislations (ACTS) and not any policies of the… Continue reading Ramaphosa – “BEE not a racist policy”

Western Europe floods

Heavy flooding in Western Europe - people were trapped in their homes.   Some houses washed away with the river of water.  Record rainfall has caused swollen rivers to burst their banks and wash away homes and other buildings in western Europe – leading to more than 90 casualties and over 1000 people missing. Data from… Continue reading Western Europe floods

Terrorism Sabotage – Sabotasie Terrorisme

  Terrorism, sabotage and the leaders who orchestrated this, wanted to destroy all lives of citizens.   No further development and progress for any economy are their goals in the name of reform without any compensation.  What was, is no more anymore, the built up with hard-earned savings is simply broken down, destroyed and burned within… Continue reading Terrorism Sabotage – Sabotasie Terrorisme

Economic reform in South Africa – Amanzimtoti KZN

  This so-called protest actions are not about Zuma, but it is possible he and his family members are involved in the matter.   But if they are, they are not the only ones, but this type of destructions were all orchestrated since day one they took over in 1994.   They also did that in the… Continue reading Economic reform in South Africa – Amanzimtoti KZN

Brendin Horner

He was so young.   Brendin Horner was strangled to death on a farm in Paul Roux in the Free State. Matlaletsa and Mahlamba appeared briefly in the Senekal Magistrate’s court.   Hy was so jonk en soveel moorde word onnodig gepleeg - dit gaan nie net oor die grond nie, maar wat is binne die grondgebiede… Continue reading Brendin Horner

CHAOS South Africa – KZN, Gauteng – 15-7-2021

There will be NO income to this farmer or his workers at all.  There will be less milk on the shelves in the shops.  If they farmer can not pay his workers, what will happen to them and their families?   Those terrorists are not thinking and just want to destroy, steal and burn.  Who is… Continue reading CHAOS South Africa – KZN, Gauteng – 15-7-2021

Durban – Richards Bay harbours

  It is not just ports that are closed to improve South Africa's economic condition - no trade means no growth at all. All businesses are closed in KZN province, schools and residential areas are also targeted and burned. Many houses are in ruins. Large shopping centrums, housing hundreds of small businesses have been destroyed… Continue reading Durban – Richards Bay harbours

Terrorisme – Sabotage to South Africa 13 July 2021 – Revolution

  People can attend street mass meetings and stealing, burning down businesses in their thousands, but that is OK.   But there are rules and regulations for citizens not to attend church meetings or other gatherings, only small groups of people, not allowed to travel.   And no masks or social distancing.  Some are very young children… Continue reading Terrorisme – Sabotage to South Africa 13 July 2021 – Revolution

Army in Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal 12/7/2021

Die Weermag is ontplooi en beweeg in onlusgebiede in - dit moes al lankal gebeur het.  Hoeveel ontwrigting, skade en ook verlies aan menselewens en ongevalle is daar nie reeds nie.   Wie betaal vir hierdie ekonomiese kommunistiese rewolusionêre oorlog teenoor burgers van die land en hul besighede.  Dis duidelik daar is heelwat met lewendige ammunisie… Continue reading Army in Gauteng and Kwa-Zulu Natal 12/7/2021

Terrorism in SA – KZN and Gauteng

Die maak van bomme in glasbottels is ook onwettig, want dit is opsetlike saakbeskadiging.   Dan dink die terroriste hulle is heroes.  So word hul werksplekke, skole en infrastrukture geplunder dan afgebrand - die spul terroriste is nie lus vir werk of skoolgaan nie, of enige vooruitgang nie.  Dit gaan nie net oor Zuma nie.  Toe… Continue reading Terrorism in SA – KZN and Gauteng

Terrorism – Terrorisme KZN Gauteng 11 July 2021

Daar is geen ander manier om die tipe gedrag van die kastige protesgangers anders te beskryf as terrorisme en terreurdade nie. Hul optredes getuig van hul lewens en hoe hulle daagliks lewe. Vernielsugtig, plunder, steel en dan "monitor" polisie van 'n afstand af, so asof die polisielede bang is vir enige optredes. Doen hulle dit… Continue reading Terrorism – Terrorisme KZN Gauteng 11 July 2021

Terrorisme en sabotasie aan besighede en infrastrukture 10 Julie 2021

Nuwe voertuie word vernietig en verbrand - dis nou die spul terroriste wat ronddans in die strate en paaie ontwrig.  Die polisie skitter in hul afwesigheid.  Daar word beweer deur bende groepe hulle steun Zuma en doen dit vir Zuma wat in die tronk slaap nadat hy nie die hofverrigtinge van Zondo bygewoon het nie. … Continue reading Terrorisme en sabotasie aan besighede en infrastrukture 10 Julie 2021

Richtersveld 1847

Richtersveld was in 1847 deur die Britse ryk geannekseer as hulle sin en alle myne is in 1902 geannekseer.   Niemand (geen volk of burger) sal net instem tot anneksasies deur vreemdelinge soos die Britse ryk of dat hul magte verwyder word nie.  Tog het hulle dit gedoen en met alles word daar nou "oorgegaan" na… Continue reading Richtersveld 1847

Eswatini (out of control?)

Dozens of protestors and terrorists have been killed during the protests.  It was stated that Eswatini's security forces have been notorious for their brutality against journalists, trade unionists, students and other pro-democracy activists. The attempts to silence journalists and activists are aimed, among other things, at trying to prevent the scale of the suffering of… Continue reading Eswatini (out of control?)

Zuma Ondersteuners (supporters)

  Is hulle regtig ondersteuners van Zuma of daar om alles te plunder en af te brand.   Waarom word strate versper, chaos veroorsaak en al die lugbesoedeling wat skade vir almal se gesondheid is.   Die alewige gooi van klippe na voertuie wat nie hiervoor verantwoordelik is nie.  Dis niks anders as terrorisme en terreur nie… Continue reading Zuma Ondersteuners (supporters)