Expropriation without compensation – ANC

When asked if the ANC government was being “sneaky” in gazetting a proposed amendment that fully intended on changing in the future, Motshekga did not respond, only saying that the courts would take too long to make a decision.   To whose advantage?    “We have the experience that the court processes are arduous. They take… Continue reading Expropriation without compensation – ANC

Python – Luislang – De Wildt (Pretoria)

  Nie enige persoon kan so 'n groot Luislang vang nie.  ‘n De Wildt-inwoner naby Pretoria,  is ‘n paar keer gebyt en moes uiteindelik ‘n 4 meter luislang duik gedurende ‘n poging om die slang te vang en alles te beveilig.   Al ooit gewonder hoe byt so 'n slang - kyk gerus self.  A De… Continue reading Python – Luislang – De Wildt (Pretoria)

Motsepe – Africa loves America

  South Africa’s Minister of Transport turned Socialite, Fikile Mbalula does not agree with businessman Patrice Motsepe when he says “Africa loves America, Africa loves you,”.    “Patrice Motsepe tells Donald Trump ‘Africa loves America, Africa loves you’ – but not everyone agrees. I also don’t agree that africa loves donald trump,” wrote Fikile Mbalula –… Continue reading Motsepe – Africa loves America

Outbreaks of diseases

  Footage purporting to show medics in hazmat suits scanning Chinese air passengers for symptoms of a mysterious 'SARS-like' virus has sparked fears that the deadly infection could spread globally.   Health officials in Macau told Beijing News that all air travellers from Wuhan would need to have their body temperatures taken on the plane to… Continue reading Outbreaks of diseases

Lana Marks’ father emigrated from Lithuania

  Lana Bank (Lana Marks) was born in East London, South Africa but now resides in Palm Beach, Florida. Her father, Alec Bank, had immigrated from Lithuania as a child; he was an affluent property developer and a leader in the Jewish community.   Like other friends of Mandela - Joe Slovo  also emigrated from Lithuania… Continue reading Lana Marks’ father emigrated from Lithuania

Mrs Marks : Land is a historically fraught

“Land is a historically fraught issue in which there are legitimate grievances by the majority.  On the other hand, you have to consider security, economy, productivity, not only for South Africans but for American companies doing business there. It’s being dealt with in a transparent manner which the Administration approves of.” was said by Lana… Continue reading Mrs Marks : Land is a historically fraught