Levubu : Cloete farm murders

  Both of them were murdered in their home on their farm and then the terrorist burnt down the bodies and house, all evidence.  Ina and Louis Cloete ; Ina age 65, and Louis (Fanie) Cloete age 71 from Limpopo’s Levubu have passed away. Their charred bodies were discovered in their burned-down farmhouse last week.… Continue reading Levubu : Cloete farm murders

SA – Missionary report on Genocide (Volksmoord)

The missionary report on Genocide by Dr. Peter Hammond of Frontline Fellowship.     Born and raised in Africa, Dr. Peter Hammond has been a pioneer missionary to some of the worst war zones in the world. For over 34 years Dr. Peter Hammond has served persecuted churches and pioneered evangelistic outreaches into Rwanda, Angola, Congo, Mozambique, Sudan… Continue reading SA – Missionary report on Genocide (Volksmoord)

Farm /White Attacks and Killings – July 2020

While Ramaphosa and his gang of cohorts in the ANC government deny the existence of farm attacks in South Africa, there have in fact been 55 farm attacks and 9 farm murders in the country during July 2020, while 6 farm attacks were successfully averted. In June 2020 there were 56 farm attacks and 7… Continue reading Farm /White Attacks and Killings – July 2020

ABW concentration camps – Rudie Rousseau ea

Most of the Boer farms (40000  plus)  in the two independent republics, were destroyed by the British under their "Scorched Earth" policy - including the systematic destruction of crops, the slaughtering or removal of livestock, the burning down of homesteads and farms - to prevent the Boers from resupplying themselves from a home base, many… Continue reading ABW concentration camps – Rudie Rousseau ea

Ukraine – Holodomor

Raphael Lemkin defined genocide as “the crime of destroying national, racial, or religious groups.” In 1953, Lemkin called the Holodomor “perhaps the classic example of Soviet genocide.” Anne Applebaum, whose new book Red Famine exposes the deliberate policy of mass-starvation imposed by Stalin, agrees (although she recognizes the difficulty of applying the term under international… Continue reading Ukraine – Holodomor

Genocide – Boer and Afrikaner (whites) people

(Dr Stanton of Genocide Watch): Genocide is a process that develops in ten stages that are predictable but not inexorable. At each stage, preventive measures can stop it. The process is not linear. Stages may occur simultaneously. Logically, later stages must be preceded by earlier stages. But all stages continue to operate throughout the process.   To attack,… Continue reading Genocide – Boer and Afrikaner (whites) people

Genocide – Volksmoord

  Khmer Rouge “By "genocide" we mean the destruction of a nation or of an ethnic group…. Generally speaking, genocide does not necessarily mean the immediate destruction of a nation, except when accomplished by mass killings of all members of a nation. It is intended rather to signify a coordinated plan of different actions aiming… Continue reading Genocide – Volksmoord

Genocide versus Self-determination

Although thousands of our Afrikaners and Boers ( whites ) have been assaulted, tortured and murdered, especially farmers, we as people,  still have the right to continue to exist within our own independent territories, in which we have a right to elect our own leaders. choose and continue without the ANC or other political leaders. … Continue reading Genocide versus Self-determination

Annette Jooste van Eeden – killed

20 June 2019 Police have identified the woman whose body was found along the N9 outside Graaff Reinet a week ago.   Spokesperson Captain Bradley Rawlinson says they took her fingerprints and managed to identify her as the 59-year-old Annette Jooste van Eeden.   He says the cause of death is known to police and a murder… Continue reading Annette Jooste van Eeden – killed

Volksmoord – Genocide

Genocide is a term used to describe violence against members of a national, ethnic, racial or religious group with the intent to destroy the entire group.  The Armenian genocide was the ruthless slaughter of millions of Armenians by the Turks of the Ottoman Empire. In 1915, during World War I, leaders of the Turkish government… Continue reading Volksmoord – Genocide

Jan Terburg – Farm attack Dec 2018

So gaan dit in die nuwe SA. Mense, sluit nou aan by groepe of organisasies wat opleiding bied in veiligheid. Wat na ons mense se belange en veiligheid omsien. Jou en jou familie se veiligheid is in jou hande. Niemand anders gaan na jou veiligheid omsien behalwe jyself - moenie verwagtinge koester van oorsese lande… Continue reading Jan Terburg – Farm attack Dec 2018

Johanco Fleischman – Jessica Kuhn

  Many white South Africans believe Mlungu is a derogatory term referring to “scum of the sea”, while others believe it simply means “white person”.    A Zulu word used in South Africa meaning 'white person or scum'. Originally it comes from the white foam that collects along the shore of the beach.   Is just ironic that blacks can call whites… Continue reading Johanco Fleischman – Jessica Kuhn

Putfontein-N12 killings – investigation

Hoeveel moordenaars wat rondloop is al gevang en verhoor - bittermin.    Oral word ondersoekbeamptes aangestel maar waar is die werklike resultate.  Ons kort ons eie gebied en ons mense moet meer paraat lewe.  Simpatie aan die naasbestaandes, familie, geliefdes en vriende. Gauteng Police Commissioner Elias Mawela has tasked a team of investigators to hunt… Continue reading Putfontein-N12 killings – investigation

Genocide – Volksmoord

Volksmoord is 'n proses wat ontwikkel in tien stadiums wat voorspelbaar is maar nie onverbiddelik is nie. By elke stadium kan voorkomende maatreëls dit stop. Die proses is nie lineêr nie. Stadiums kan gelyktydig plaasvind. Logies moet later stadiums voorafgegaan word deur vorige stadiums. Maar alle stadiums bly deur die hele proses werk. Om aan… Continue reading Genocide – Volksmoord

Pule Mabe denies existence of ‘secret ANC office telling people to kill whites’

  Mabe answered a series of questions focused specifically on the contention surrounding ‘white genocide’.   Speaking to a journalist during an interview with a " French " television channel, African National Congress (ANC) spokesperson Pule Mabe quelled rumours of the existence of a secret office within the ANC that supposedly sanctions the killing of white… Continue reading Pule Mabe denies existence of ‘secret ANC office telling people to kill whites’

Front Nasionaal – Volksmoord

IS DAAR ‘n VOLKSMOORD OP ONS OF NIE? (Front Nasionaal) Dr Pieter Groenewald het heelwat reaksie ontlok toe hy destyds op TV gesê het dat daar nie tans ‘n volksmoord in Suid-Afrika aan die gang is nie.  Die ondersteuners van dr Groenewald argumenteer dat sy stelling nie binne die regte konteks gesien word nie, omdat “volksmoord”… Continue reading Front Nasionaal – Volksmoord

Volksmoord – Genocide

Daar is reeds sedert 1994 'n volksmoord aan die gang (Afrikaners - Boere - Blankes).  Verseker word ons op alle vlakke van die samelewing uitgewis.   Ekonomiese ontmagtiging en maatskaplik het veral swart bemagtiging wetgewings wat op ons afgedwing word en die skynheiligheid van links liberales (blankes) wat in gelid val met die ANC-SAKP (en al… Continue reading Volksmoord – Genocide

2 jaar Wilmien – 2010 – 2019 (11 jaar)

Haar lewe van haar weggeneem - op twee - 2 jaar Wilmien - 2010 - 2019 (11 jaar) Menseregtekommissie stil oor moorde en plaasmoorde, spesifiek as dit oor blankes is wat vermoor word of ander wat rassistiese uitlatings maak.    Sy en vele ander is wit en gruwelik gemartel en vermoor. Killing for them is… Continue reading 2 jaar Wilmien – 2010 – 2019 (11 jaar)

Whites – you are not welcome in your country

Slow war and genocide are taking place against the white minority people - there are various signs to confirm that.   Black economic empowerment, the denials of the existance of Afrikaans language and culture, traditions and identity are only a few pointers regarding genocide. Totures and killings and raping - mostly black on white that taking… Continue reading Whites – you are not welcome in your country

S.1158 – Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act of 2018

  Text: S.1158 — 115th Congress (2017-2018) S.1158 - Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act of 2018   ****** https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/senate-bill/1158 Introduced in Senate (05/17/2017) Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act of 2017 This bill states that it is U.S. policy to regard the prevention of genocide and other atrocity crimes as a core national… Continue reading S.1158 – Elie Wiesel Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Act of 2018