Racism, Discrimination, Crime and Corruption – UN (prevention)

To steal from the poor or anybody , is a violation of their human rights.  Corruption is an international  crime (s) so is racism and discrimination, that violated all our Afrikaners and Boers, the white people's human rights.  Furthermore - on corruption -  why should all our hard earned income go abroad illegally, while there are… Continue reading Racism, Discrimination, Crime and Corruption – UN (prevention)


Ingonyama Trust – King Goodwill Zwelithini –

7 August 2019 - King Goodwill Zwelithini is not pleased with plans to have the Ingonyama Trust Land Act repealed and has vowed to fight for the 2.8 million hectares of land in KwaZulu-Natal that is under his custodianship as the sole trustee. We look at five things that the King has previously said about… Continue reading Ingonyama Trust – King Goodwill Zwelithini –

Afriforum – Wit nasionalisme word verwerp en moet teengestaan word

Niemand is verbaas oor Afriforum se uitspraak en veral halwe dreigemente wat teenoor wit nasionalisme gemaak word wat ontbloot en teengestaan moet word nie.   Dit word ook hieronder geplaas.   Wie dreig nou wie hierso?    Hoe ontbloot mens enige Wit nasionalisme, dit bestaan al sedert 1652 in suidelike Afrika.  Niemand van ons het Wit nasionalisme… Continue reading Afriforum – Wit nasionalisme word verwerp en moet teengestaan word

Dr Venter – NP previous government

  None of the black or coloured men or women in parliament today, or even any men, have stood up for ONE minute and acknowledged what Rina Venter or her liberal colleague did to our people during the 1980's?  Her stories with those of De Klerk and the liberals of Dakar are the same.   … Continue reading Dr Venter – NP previous government

Rina Venter – Legkaarte – die leuens

Teen hierdie tyd weet heelwat van ons dat Rina het haar "boek" geskryf wat handel oor "Legkaarte uit haar eie verlede en hoe dit direk met FW skakel en verbandhou".   Heelwat liberales, spesifiek die in die ou regering of kabinet, koppel alles wat hulle gedoen het aan ons as volk.  Luister na die gesprek self,… Continue reading Rina Venter – Legkaarte – die leuens

Flags – Vlae ~~ B-BBEE – swart bemagtiging

Flags can not speak - B-BBEE is hatespeech, discrimination and racism against Whites in South Africa.     Vlae kan nie praat nie - Swart bemagtiging is haatspraak, diskrimineer en rassisties teenoor blankes in Suid-Afrika. FLAGS AND SYMBOLS ARE STILL PART OF US A person speak - no flag or piece of material can speak by… Continue reading Flags – Vlae ~~ B-BBEE – swart bemagtiging

B-BBEE – Shanduka black umprellas

Afrikaner and Boer people - do the same - support and prioritize your own people all the way.  Do not think those care about us. Black Umbrellas — a vehicle for radical economic transformation. It is critical to make the fundamental foundational shift to an economy that supports the entrepreneurs who will be the businesses of tomorrow.… Continue reading B-BBEE – Shanduka black umprellas