Khoi San people and leaderships – legislation

* An article in Mail and Guardian during 2019, stated that the Traditional Khoi San Leadership Act will directly affect 18-million rural people.   There are more Khoi San people today, plus the more than 25 million different black groups of the old Reserves and Homelands.    They are also living separately on CPA or Trustlands. … Continue reading Khoi San people and leaderships – legislation

Terrorism – Terrorisme

Die SA Parlement, met die hulp van provinsies en ander politieke organisasies maak die wetgewings wat geïmplementeer word. SA Parliament is the national legislature (law-making body) of South Africa. As such, one of its major functions is to pass new laws, to amend existing laws, and to repeal or abolish (cancel) old laws. This function… Continue reading Terrorism – Terrorisme

Gun and self defence legislation

  All legislations and changes to it, as well as to the Constitution,  will be a blank cheque (since 1994) and only a promise to citizens what ministers have said that the amendments should not be interpreted as though "government is looking into disarming citizens".   If all citizens have that human right until now (under… Continue reading Gun and self defence legislation

Expropriation of properties – Section 25

On 4 December 2018, it was stated that a report recommended that Section 25 of the Constitution be amended to allow land expropriation without compensation.   All included.   The National Assembly has passed the Constitutional Review Committee report on land expropriation without compensation with more than 200 votes in the National Assembly.  The report recommended that Section… Continue reading Expropriation of properties – Section 25

September 2020 – “New legislations” South Africa

Legislative process - Parliament, as the national legislature, considers draft pieces of legislation in order to exercise its power to make laws.    A draft piece of legislation (called a Bill) must formally be submitted to Parliament before Parliament can consider making it a law. Most Bills are prepared by government departments under the direction… Continue reading September 2020 – “New legislations” South Africa

Australia – Federation (6 states)

  Australia is a federation of six states which, together with two self-governing territories, have their own constitutions, parliaments, governments and laws. This infosheet is about the national or central government, usually called the Federal Government, Commonwealth Government or Australian Government. However, state and territory governments are also based on the same principle of parliamentary… Continue reading Australia – Federation (6 states)

Parliament – October 2019 legislations signed

  2 Oktober 2019 - Ramaphosa has signed four Bills into law to allow property deeds to be processed electronically, enhance the ease of business in real estate and bring online games, films and publications into the scope of the Film and Publication Board.  .. .. ..  The Overvaal Resorts Limited Repeal Bill of 2019, the… Continue reading Parliament – October 2019 legislations signed

Blame and responsibilities

The financers of the Government, Parliament, constitution and legislations are to blame for the ungovernmental rules in South Africa - they pay the rulers and writers of legislations.   George Soros is one of them - look at the websites.    Billionaire socialist political investor George Soros is behind Black Lives Matter and the attempt to empty… Continue reading Blame and responsibilities

Labour Laws – South Africa

In November 2017,  the National Assembly in South Africa passed several pieces of labour legislation that have important implications for employers and employees in South Africa. The National Minimum Wage Bill, the Basic Conditions of Employment Amendment Bill, and the Labour Relations Amendment Bill were passed by the National Assembly. *** 27 November 2018 The… Continue reading Labour Laws – South Africa

SA Parliament – land without compensation – traditional leaders

A Hansard of December 2018 stated there are more than 8840 traditional leaders (different black and coloureds)   in the whole of South Africa.   They all receive salaries and benefits.     It is even legally in their constitution (anc manifesto).   And most of us thought that segregation is over for those different ethnic groups.   … Continue reading SA Parliament – land without compensation – traditional leaders

Amendment Acts – TAX – SA

  Any intended amendments to primary legislation are announced by the Minister of Finance in his annual Budget Review.    They are tabled by the Minister of Finance in the National Assembly as Amendment Bills and, after approval by the Standing Committee on Finance (National Assembly) and the Select Committee on Finance (National Council of Provinces), they… Continue reading Amendment Acts – TAX – SA

Ramaphosa se kabinet

Te verwagte, want enige iets is moontlik.   "Helfte is vroue"  - SY mense wat HY aangestel het wat saam hom die "wa" van "nuwe orde" gaan trek.   Duidelik is daar ander in die parlement wat nie die kommunistiese ANC se sienings deel nie.   Eintlik moet al die kommuniste verheug wees omdat die saak van kommunisme… Continue reading Ramaphosa se kabinet

Zuma – Gaddafi – SA Parliament

It is all about money and ... Questions & Replies: Finance - Hansard of South African Parliament 2013 Reply received: December 2013 QUESTION NUMBER: 2339 [NW2802E]  DATE OF PUBLICATION: 13 SEPTEMBER 2013 2339. Mr N J J van R Koornhof (Cope) to ask the Minister of Finance:  Whether the (a) National Treasury and (b) South… Continue reading Zuma – Gaddafi – SA Parliament

End of 5th Parliament. Farewell speeches

2019 Farewell speeches Plenary, National Assembly, 20 March 2019 *** Speaker Baleka Mbete Farewell Speech In Parliament *** ANC D E Dlakude Farewell Speech In Parliament *** DA John Steenhuisen Farewell Speech - End 5th Parliament *** EFF N Paulsen Farewell Speech - End 5th Parliament *** IFP N Singh Farewell… Continue reading End of 5th Parliament. Farewell speeches

DA en Wes-Kaap Wetgewing

(Wes-Kaap) - Provinsies en munisipaliteite is onderhewig aan Nasionale wetgewing, hetsy of daar nou koalisies bestaan tussen die EFF of DA of COPE of VF+, word alle bywette en ook ordonnansies, tenders, aanstelling van persone, onderhewig gemaak aan die Nasionale wetgewer.   Munisipale bywette moet volgens ANC se nasionale wetgewing opgestel word.  Toe die lede van… Continue reading DA en Wes-Kaap Wetgewing


#Narysec   Various documents about narysec to follow - since 2009 2012 QUESTION 1992 INTERNAL QUESTION PAPER [No 23-2012] DATE OF PUBLICATION: 10 August 2012 1992. Mrs P C Ngwenya-Mabila (ANC) to ask the Minister of Rural Development and Land Reform: What progress has been made by his department to pursue rural development by empowering rural… Continue reading Narysec

Corruption 2018 Korrupsie

Korrupsie is nog nooit werklik vasgevat en behoorlik uitgeroei nie.   Noem enige skandaal op en sien of daar enige iemand behoorlik verhoor en gestraf is.  Veral die elite wat agter dit sit.  Dis nie die grondvlakmense wat die skandaal uitgedink het nie   Wapenskandaal - Etol-stelsel - Prasa - Teksboeke - Nkandla - Guptas - Staatskaping. … Continue reading Corruption 2018 Korrupsie

Eskom capture

PARLIAMENT NOVEMBER 2019 Parliament’s portfolio committee on public enterprises has adopted the Eskom inquiry report that highlights that the organisation was captured and recommends that the top executives implicated in state capture appear before the Zondo commission of inquiry.   Energy analyst Ted Blom joins Business Day TV to discuss the report and its recommendations. Eskom… Continue reading Eskom capture

Ramaphosa (Paddakoor)

  Is dit normaal of is daar meer hieragter saam al die korrupsie - finansies wat nooit teruggevind word nie.    Die ANC se president meen daar is teveel "paddas" in sy koor rondom sy potjie, hulle gaan waarskynlik nou almal 'n goue handdruk ontvang en diep in die pensioenfonds indelf?  Dis ook by hul… Continue reading Ramaphosa (Paddakoor)

Legislation only for black and khoisan

There are more B-BBEE legislation against white population of South Africa as well as policies Legislation Assigned to the Provincial Premiers - some from the old area as well.  The following lists are the most important pieces of legislation assigned to the provincial Premiers and traditional leaders. The following are the main pieces of legislation governing the regulation… Continue reading Legislation only for black and khoisan