Estimated 500 000 plus murdered since 1994

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDOC) has released a new   report   focusing on the countries with the highest murder rates.  The study seeks to shed light on gender-related killings, lethal gang violence and other challenges, with the aim of bringing homicide rates around the world.   The data shows that the overall number of… Continue reading Estimated 500 000 plus murdered since 1994


Expropriation of land without compensation – South Africa

They always said they are landless, but it is a big lie and not the truth.  How much land belong to the (ANC) government of South Africa and their own black/other supporters today?  Land that do not belong to whites in South Africa ... they always reported in the media, in "parliament" and to the… Continue reading Expropriation of land without compensation – South Africa

Land in South Africa – Land reform

  Already, 37 farmers have sought interdicts after a pamphlet was circulated about possible land invasions by the Black First Land First Movement and several interdicts were sought by private property owners against possible land invasions, as well as by the City against land invaders in Khayelitsha. This as newly sworn-in President Cyril Ramaphosa said… Continue reading Land in South Africa – Land reform

White Killings – Land – Malema

Black on black killings - black on indian, coloureds and whites killings.   Attacks and killings are unhuman.   Not only now, but since 1800 and even before where they came from.   Swartes op swartes wat mekaar uitgewis het, so ook voor 1900 en die Mfecane, was dit swartes wat swartes doodgemaak het, vroue en vee gesteel… Continue reading White Killings – Land – Malema

IRRSA – Dr A Jeffery – Land

13 MARCH 2019  DR ANTHEA JEFFERY Advocate Wim Trengove’s proposals to the ad hoc parliamentary committee charged with crafting a constitutional amendment to allow expropriation without compensation (EWC) are damaging, naive and often mistaken on the law. (State must focus on redistribution in the land-expropriation issue, lawyers say, March 8.) *** HOEVEEL VAN DIE ARMOEDE, WAAROOR GEPRAAT… Continue reading IRRSA – Dr A Jeffery – Land

ANC govt ‘killed’ more black business, black professionals than NP

Swart bemagtiging was van dag een af 'n "vlagskip" en 'n vals front wat geskep is vir sekere ryk persone.  Ongelukkig het politici dit aangehang en in parlement dit wet gemaak en afgedwing.  Onder valse voorwendsels om blankes te vernietig, het hul beslis hulself in die voet geskiet en vernietig soos reeds voor 1994 die… Continue reading ANC govt ‘killed’ more black business, black professionals than NP

Ramaphosa – anc “elections”

Of die volgende "voorafbeplan" was, of dit net 'n verkiesingsfoefie is, sal nie op die stadium gesê kan word nie, dit wil so voorkom.   Die realiteite is: Wanneer daar saad gesaai word op die grond gaan dit nie maklik opkom as daardie grond nie ordentlik voorberei word vir wat daar aan die einde van die… Continue reading Ramaphosa – anc “elections”