Partners of .. and more millionaires – billionaires

  Na 1994 was die tafel gedek vir die "nuwe" miljoeners of biljoeners, wat hul finansiele koffers volgemaak het, meestal uit swart bemagtiging en regstellende aksie projekte, tenders en werk wat vir die regering gedoen is, terwyl hul vir die regering en parlement werk. * Daarteenoor het hulle, met George Soros se vrygewige hulp,  die… Continue reading Partners of .. and more millionaires – billionaires

Racism, Discrimination, Crime and Corruption – UN (prevention)

To steal from the poor or anybody , is a violation of their human rights.  Corruption is an international  crime (s) so is racism and discrimination, that violated all our Afrikaners and Boers, the white people's human rights.  Furthermore - on corruption -  why should all our hard earned income go abroad illegally, while there are… Continue reading Racism, Discrimination, Crime and Corruption – UN (prevention)

USA – SA and … Guptas …

The Guptas as well as their colleagues and associations were blacklisted over the widespread corruption, not only in South Africa.     That means, the sanctions immediately freeze any assets the blacklisted individuals have under US jurisdiction and forbid Americans and/ or US businesses — particularly international banks with any US operations — from transactions with… Continue reading USA – SA and … Guptas …

Corruption – Bosasa – Guptas – Armsdeals – etc

SA die sinkende skip terwyl die wat die land bankrot steel, nie genoeg tasse en bankrekenings het om alles uit die land te neem nie. 'n Gesig van 'n sinkende skip sedert 1994, waar rewolusie en muitery, korrupsie en moord aan die orde van die dag is, is besig om te sink.   Armes, werk aan… Continue reading Corruption – Bosasa – Guptas – Armsdeals – etc

Corruption, fraud and abuse ongoing – healthcare

  According to the CMS, fraud, abuse and waste in private healthcare is costing the sector between R22 billion and R28 billion annually, with up to 25% of the all premiums paid by medical aid members funding these false claims.  The group said that compared to other types of insurance, claims in the healthcare sector are… Continue reading Corruption, fraud and abuse ongoing – healthcare

Polmed Corruption

Millions of rand in alleged “unlawful looting” of the SAPS’s medical scheme Polmed have drawn the ire of scores of police officers, who have slammed the level of coverage received.   Claims are that Polmed, which covers 680000 members and beneficiaries, has “unlawfully” awarded roughly R15.7million to its board of trustees (BOT) over three years in… Continue reading Polmed Corruption

Corruption: Bosasa – Gavin Watson – Papa Leshabane

Gavin Watson will probably go down in history as the man who masterminded a huge part of the state capture scandal that rocked South Africa.   But the former boss of Bosasa, who allegedly kept millions of rands in a safe to dish out when he needed it, was also once heralded as an anti-apartheid activist. … Continue reading Corruption: Bosasa – Gavin Watson – Papa Leshabane