Ingonyama Trust – Zulu king – expropriation

  The King of the Zulu people and traditional leaders in the province opposed the recommendations made by former president Motlanthe, chairperson of the High level panel, that land under the Ingonyama Trust be surrendered to the Department of Rural Development and Land Reform.   In July 2018, during an Imbizo that the King had called,… Continue reading Ingonyama Trust – Zulu king – expropriation

Zoeloes – Ingonyama Trust and land reform

  1 August 2019 - The panel, appointed by Ramaphosa during 2018, recommended that the Ingonyama Trust Act — which was passed in 1994 to create the ITB to control almost three-million hectares of the former KwaZulu homeland on behalf of King Goodwill Zwelithini — be repealed.   The recommendations echo those of Parliament’s High Level… Continue reading Zoeloes – Ingonyama Trust and land reform

Ingonyama Trust – Zwelithini –

Most of the ethnic Black and Khoisan/coloureds have their own identity, culture and traditional events, etc.  Most of them have their own culture houses as well. The Zulu king also have a yearly event, in 2016 they were 200 years old.  Meeste Swart en Khoisan / bruin gemeenskappe het hul eie identiteit, asook tradisonele en… Continue reading Ingonyama Trust – Zwelithini –

Zuma – Nkandla – Ingonyama Trustland

Former president Jacob Zuma stands to lose his prized homestead in KwaZulu-Natal after falling behind on payments for the famous R7.8 million loan he took out in 2016 from the now liquidated VBS Mutual Bank.   Land is on Ingonyama Trustland - Zulu King is only Trustee of that land.   But what about SARS, it was an… Continue reading Zuma – Nkandla – Ingonyama Trustland

99 Leasehold (99 jaar Pag stelsel)

  Properties are of two or even more kinds — freehold property and leasehold property. While the former refers to properties that are "free from hold" of any other entity except the owner for an indefinite period, the latter are properties usually leased for a period, commonly for 99 years from the time of construction. But, why the unusual… Continue reading 99 Leasehold (99 jaar Pag stelsel)

Narysec training

22 April 2013 - The Department of Rural Development and Land Reform (DRDLR) furnished further details on aspects of its 2013 strategic plan.   The DRDLR described its human resources development strategy, outlining the types of skills training offered, and said 3 755 employees were trained since 2011. Bursaries were offered in two categories; one for… Continue reading Narysec training

Dr Hendrik Verwoerd – 8 September 1901-6 September 1966

Whether liberals and communists want to take away his smile or twist his words as they please, our history will not change.  Dr Hendrik Verwoerd is a man who is and will be part of our history.  An eraser or tippex will not work to get rid of other people's history.   Every people in South… Continue reading Dr Hendrik Verwoerd – 8 September 1901-6 September 1966

Zulu people – Ingonyama Trustland

Voor 1960 het die Zoeloe reservate reeds 100% bestaan en was in unie dokumente vervat.   Reeds vanaf 1854 was dit reeds as aparte gebiede vir etniese kulture 'geskei" van mekaar - met eie leiers. The Mfecane had a great influence on the history of South Africa. Large parts of the country in Natal, the Transvaal… Continue reading Zulu people – Ingonyama Trustland

André Fourie (VF+) van die ou Nasionale Party en Andries Beyers van die Konserwatiewe Party – Maart 1992

TV-Debat: André Fourie van die Nasionale Party en Andries Beyers van die Konserwatiewe Party - Maart 1992.    Volksregte   -  Daar word interessante feite op die video genoem/vra:   Het die Randse skou al ooit ons as volk gered?     Het krieket of enige sport al ooit ons as 'n volk gered?  Het swart bemagtiging ooit… Continue reading André Fourie (VF+) van die ou Nasionale Party en Andries Beyers van die Konserwatiewe Party – Maart 1992

Van Riebeeck dag

Van Riebeeck dag - wie kan dit nog onthou? Stigtingsdag ... wie kan dit nog onthou? STIGTINGSDAG Front Nasionaal SA Dit was vir my nog altyd ‘n eienaardige toeval dat die skeepschirurgyn, Jan Antonijzoon van Riebeeck van Culemborg juis op die oggend van 16 Desember 1651 in die hawe van Texel sou inskeep op sy… Continue reading Van Riebeeck dag