Ingonyama Trustland (Zulu people)

There was various agreements during the Kodesa era, before 1994.    Ingonyama Trust agreement was signed and there was even legislation in place.  Read as a start the Constitution and various legislations since Kodesa until now.Begin deur eerstens te weet wat in die kommunistiese grondwet staan, daarna toepaslike wetgewings oor swart en khoi san tuislande/reservate/kroongebiede… Continue reading Ingonyama Trustland (Zulu people)

Order of Luthuli

Onder kommunistiese beheer ... The Order of Luthuli is awarded to 'South Africans' who have served the interests of South Africa by making a meaningful contribution in any of the following areas: the struggle for democracy, human rights, nation-building, justice, peace and conflict resolution.    The Order of Luthuli in gold is awarded for exceptional contribution… Continue reading Order of Luthuli

Indigenous land (old homelands) – Trustland – CPA – landclaims

Elke volk het die reg om oor hulself te besluit en te regeer - 'n eie onafhanklike land.   Voor 1961 was die Tuislande Reservate genoem vanaf 1854 (Shepstone beleid).   Wat vir een volk geld, geld ook vir die Afrikaner en Boere, ons is netso geregtig op ons eie gebiede - dus waarom mag daar kwansuis… Continue reading Indigenous land (old homelands) – Trustland – CPA – landclaims

99 Leasehold (99 jaar Pag stelsel)

  Properties are of two or even more kinds — freehold property and leasehold property. While the former refers to properties that are "free from hold" of any other entity except the owner for an indefinite period, the latter are properties usually leased for a period, commonly for 99 years from the time of construction. But, why the unusual… Continue reading 99 Leasehold (99 jaar Pag stelsel)

Dr Hendrik Verwoerd – 8 September 1901-6 September 1966

Whether liberals and communists want to take away his smile or twist his words as they please, our history will not change.  Dr Hendrik Verwoerd is a man who is and will be part of our history.  An eraser or tippex will not work to get rid of other people's history.   Every people in South… Continue reading Dr Hendrik Verwoerd – 8 September 1901-6 September 1966

State-owned land – 25 years later

  Who are the real owners of state-owned land?   If it is state owned land, why do the government keep the land in their own hands and create this hate agenda against whites to reform?   What funding was paid (TAX) for that farmlands?  If tax was used,  the owners of all those farmland are the… Continue reading State-owned land – 25 years later

Violent Farm invasion – KZN – Mathulini CPA

On 7 July 2019, a farm manager in KwaZulu-Natal was hospitalised with burns on Saturday after "violent thugs" invaded a farm, set it alight and allegedly threw him into the flames.  IFP MP Inkosi Bhekizizwe Luthuli revealed details about the incident in a statement on Sunday on behalf of the Mathulini Communal Property Association (CPA).   “The… Continue reading Violent Farm invasion – KZN – Mathulini CPA

Expropriation of land without compensation – South Africa

They always said they are landless, but it is a big lie and not the truth.  How much land belong to the (ANC) government of South Africa and their own black/other supporters today?  Land that do not belong to whites in South Africa ... they always reported in the media, in "parliament" and to the… Continue reading Expropriation of land without compensation – South Africa

Richtersveld – Diamonds

There are various kinds of minerals in South Africa - we all know that and we all know that there were different WARS about this minerals and there are still today the same WARS, between the people and those "elites" that wanted everything for themselves.  Richtersveld area was also a land claim from the Khoi… Continue reading Richtersveld – Diamonds

Tradisionele volke

Daar bestaan vandag, meer as 25 jaar na die sogenaamde demokrasie in 1994 sowat 8840 tradisionele leiers onder die verskillende swart en bruin volke in Suid-Afrika.     Dit beteken egter nie ons het nie ook regte hier nie, verseker het ons 'n reg tot gebiede wat aan ons behoort.  Suid-Afrika het nog altyd uit blankes,… Continue reading Tradisionele volke