Mlungus, ubuntu and abantu

SWART LEIERS PRAAT ALTYD VAN "MY PEOPLE" - ONS IS NIE DEEL HIERVAN Quote from a newspaper of 2006 and Black Sash 1986 (PHOTOS INCLUDED) ‘Mhla kwahamba abelungu kulelizwe, amakhafula ayothi ‘Basi’ lapha kithi” (when all the whites are gone from this country, "kaffirs" will say ‘Baas’ to us—the Mkhizes). I was about eight when I… Continue reading Mlungus, ubuntu and abantu

Suid-Afrika Parlement /South Africa Parliament

There are various groups of political parties and also sponsors involved in this building.  More sponsors than you can think, involved in this small country with so much minerals to take away.    The main building and the website will tell their own story of what it is about and who the government received money… Continue reading Suid-Afrika Parlement /South Africa Parliament

Grond eienaars: ANC regeringsplase

SUID-AFRIKA 5 000 PLUS regeringsplase - Government bought more than 5000 farms since 1994 with tax money. Wie besit die grootste gedeeltes grondgebiede in Suid-Afrika - wie is die wettige eienaars.   The Government of South Africa do have various farmlands and properties. SOUTH AFRICA We do have a radical revolution and protest actions on a… Continue reading Grond eienaars: ANC regeringsplase

Cyril Ramaphosa en Brittanje

Ramaphosa (ANC) and the British Commonwealth. Commonwealth, also called Commonwealth of Nations, formerly (1931–49) British Commonwealth of Nations, a free association of sovereign states comprising the United Kingdom and a number of its former dependencies who have chosen to maintain ties of friendship and practical cooperation and who acknowledge the British monarch as symbolic head of their association. In 1965 the Commonwealth Secretariat was… Continue reading Cyril Ramaphosa en Brittanje

Suid-Afrika se ANC rewolusie

Voor 1994 was daar bomontploffings en na 1994 is daar gooiende bomme en brandende bomme in en rondom ons stede en dorpe - die ANC se leefstyl en ondersteuners al sedert hulle begin het   - dis hoe ons strate lyk na 1994 - hul gee nie eers om om hul eie mense aan die brand… Continue reading Suid-Afrika se ANC rewolusie

Suid-Afrikaanse Parlement

Parlement van Suid-Afrika bestaan uit 400 lede en verteenwoordig verskeie politieke partye.    Wie beheer die Suid-Afrikaanse parlement?  Radikale ekonomiese transformasie word wyd bespreek in veral die Suid-Afrikaanse Parlement se onderskeie vergaderlokale.   Notules wat wel geneem word, word as Hansards verwys.    Na 1994 het die Parlementêre Moniteringsgroep (PMG) ontstaan en vir die Hansards verantwoordelik is.   Wie… Continue reading Suid-Afrikaanse Parlement