B-BBEE – BEE – AA – – Scorecards – Swart bemagtiging

Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) has become an integral part of doing business in South Africa. As such, it is important for you to have a thorough understanding of what it means, in terms of how it is measured, and the implications it has for you and your business. This article unpacks the concept of… Continue reading B-BBEE – BEE – AA – – Scorecards – Swart bemagtiging

Swart bemagtiging – Regstellende Aksie – Dokumente B-BBEE – AA – documents

  B-BBEE and EE are racist and discrimination legislations against the white minority people (Afrikaner and Boer) in South africa by the ANC and other political parties of Parliament.  It is not only a programme or policy document or two that were implemented only against the little minority white people of South Africa, but since… Continue reading Swart bemagtiging – Regstellende Aksie – Dokumente B-BBEE – AA – documents

1995 – Mandela en Pienaar

Durf dit gevra word, veral met die komende reenboognasie wereldbeker op die horison, wat het ons in 25 jaar al prysgegee?       Waar is ons volk vandag - bannelinge in ons eie land en op alle kontinente versprei?   Hoeveel het ons volk in die 25 jaar verloor wat in arm plakkerskampe of nedersettings sit? … Continue reading 1995 – Mandela en Pienaar

America – Virginia Gas project

There are similar agreements between America, China and even Russia, Germany and France, with South Africa,  but Black Economic Empowerment and Affirmative Action legislations in South Africa are still being applied everywhere on specific only the white people - are those governments then in agreement with South Africa? Hopefully both the American  and Chinese governments… Continue reading America – Virginia Gas project

Ingonyama Trust – King Goodwill Zwelithini –

7 August 2019 - King Goodwill Zwelithini is not pleased with plans to have the Ingonyama Trust Land Act repealed and has vowed to fight for the 2.8 million hectares of land in KwaZulu-Natal that is under his custodianship as the sole trustee. We look at five things that the King has previously said about… Continue reading Ingonyama Trust – King Goodwill Zwelithini –

Rina Venter – Legkaarte – die leuens

Teen hierdie tyd weet heelwat van ons dat Rina het haar "boek" geskryf wat handel oor "Legkaarte uit haar eie verlede en hoe dit direk met FW skakel en verbandhou".   Heelwat liberales, spesifiek die in die ou regering of kabinet, koppel alles wat hulle gedoen het aan ons as volk.  Luister na die gesprek self,… Continue reading Rina Venter – Legkaarte – die leuens

Dakar 1986-.. – Notes of H Giliomee

Notice the "AB member" at the Bond meeting between other "familiar faces of parliament and so-called leaders" when Ramapadda addressed them on behalf of "Afrikaners".   One of the many elders was presented to the cameras as Hermann.    Ironical, the club members make sure they have a (so-called) mandate to speak and make decisions on… Continue reading Dakar 1986-.. – Notes of H Giliomee

SA Parliament – land without compensation – traditional leaders

A Hansard of December 2018 stated there are more than 8840 traditional leaders (different black and coloureds)   in the whole of South Africa.   They all receive salaries.     It is even legally in their constitution (anc manifesto).   And most of us thought that segregation is over for those different ethnic groups.    Did mandela… Continue reading SA Parliament – land without compensation – traditional leaders

Black empowerment, unemployment and crime is not demoracy

What democracy is there really in South Africa - Government ANC is one sided racists and discriminate against all whites in South Africa - and then they call that "democracy".    Who received so much income from B-BBEE companies (follow the podium and the news)?  not the poor, only the elites, especially in the ANC… Continue reading Black empowerment, unemployment and crime is not demoracy

Discrimination and Racism – 21 March 2019

  At the United Nations:   Dismantle ‘Harmful and Specious’ Notion of Racial Superiority, Secretary-General Urges in Message on International Day against Discrimination.      21 March 2019.   The opposite is happening in South Africa today, where more than 100 legislations discriminated against the white minorities of South Africa since 1994 - even the so-called democratic… Continue reading Discrimination and Racism – 21 March 2019