Sabotage at Eskom – terrorism

  This is only a small tip of the R7 billion theft!   When officials have enough time to steal something from their own company, it is sabotage, an act of terrorism and a crime, not only to government, but to all of us, the public.   Officials can not do their job while stealing at the… Continue reading Sabotage at Eskom – terrorism

Eskom is a failure – Eskom se wiele is pap en leeggesuig

  Eskom is not too big to fail – it has already failed. The issue now is how we deal with this. There is an urgent need for constructive, pragmatic efforts, free of ideological constraints and dogma, to end generation capacity shortages and load-shedding in South Africa in the short- and medium-term.    Who are… Continue reading Eskom is a failure – Eskom se wiele is pap en leeggesuig

Zambia – Zimbabwe – Mozambique – Eskom

(Zesco - Zambia   :   Zesa - Zimbabwe   :    EDM - Mozambique) - Eskom November 2019 - - this year, EDM, Mozambique’s state-owned power utility, will deploy a brand new floating power station in the Nampula province in order to increase the electricity supply in the northern parts of the country.   The large vessel will… Continue reading Zambia – Zimbabwe – Mozambique – Eskom

Escom power to Africa and South Africa

Dit word waargeneem -  soms gaan krag wel landuit na ander Afrika state, maar ook hier is beurtkrag in werking en net sekere plekke word beurtkrag toegepas.    Die vraag is, kan steenkool wel nat word - hoekom nou skielik, daar is tog baie reen in SA, ook voor 1994 toe het ons geen beurtkrag… Continue reading Escom power to Africa and South Africa

Is Eskom honest? who is?

Eskom is not honest - and who is doing the audits of all plants and where are all the audit reports to the Minister of Finance? * it was also revealed that the payment rates for electricity in the sprawling Johannesburg suburb were just over 16% – or lower than that for e-tolls payments, where… Continue reading Is Eskom honest? who is?

Eskom en sy nat steenkool – Wet coal

Die een verskoning na die ander vir beurtkrag implementering - dis mos aangenaam om ekstra uitgawes te he, as yskaste en ander ware breek, weens kragonderbrekings, is dit die verbruiker wat aan die kortste end trek.  Ons almal wat krag het, het betaal daarvoor.   Maar die wat nie betaal het nie, soos Soweto, word afgeskryf… Continue reading Eskom en sy nat steenkool – Wet coal

Eskom grid May 2019 – Ted Blom

Daar is Ministers oor Plaaslike Bestuur en oor Eskom, wat nie hul werkspligte nakom nie.  Tog is dit die massas se keuse om so onder te gaan om vir dieselfde spul in 2019 gestem het.   Die Minister van Finansies ontvang die jaarlikse oudits waar plaaslike owerhede bankrot is, maar steeds geld ontvang vanaf belastingbetalers.  Steeds… Continue reading Eskom grid May 2019 – Ted Blom

Eskom and his “fake” loadshedding coal contracts

Eskom created “fake” load-shedding to sign R14.5-trillion in coal contracts According to the City Press, which cited a Special Investigating Unit (SIU) report – which was handed to former president Jacob Zuma in 2017, but never officially released. *** 1 - Eskom instituted stage four load shedding today - for the first time in at… Continue reading Eskom and his “fake” loadshedding coal contracts

Eskom – diefstal en onwettige kragdrade

  Eskom theft and illegal electricity.   Actually, they all know exactly what they are doing.    Or maybe, it is people (electricians) from Eskom itself and other electrical businesses to make sure they all get free electricity.    Even those illegal immigrants from Africa do get it for free in the same way.   There are… Continue reading Eskom – diefstal en onwettige kragdrade

Illegal connections and syndicates – Eskom

  An investigation during March 2015 was carried out by the city of Johannesburg uncovered an electricity rigging syndicate that has cost the council around R22-million.   Businesses working together with corrupt council workers have been manipulating accounts so that they pay nothing, while the public forks out more. Is it the tip of the iceberg?… Continue reading Illegal connections and syndicates – Eskom