MP’s and Ministgers/deputies failed to pay their subsidized rent

  Houses for MPs set taxpayer back R744m Cabinet ministers and their deputies, who each earn up to R2.4 m a year and are tasked with driving the government’s user-pay principle, are failing to keep up with relatively cheap rentals for their lavish ministerial homes.   The ministers owe the state a combined R1.3m in outstanding… Continue reading MP’s and Ministgers/deputies failed to pay their subsidized rent

Pelican, Acacia en Laboria park (parliamentary sessions)

The three parliamentary villages is not low class buildings, its upkeep and transport have cost South Africa almost three quarters of a billion rand over the two previous parliamentary terms.   In a reply to a written Parliamentary question on Monday, Public Works and Infrastructure Minister Patricia de Lille revealed that the total cost incurred by… Continue reading Pelican, Acacia en Laboria park (parliamentary sessions)

Laboria Park, Pelikan Park, Acacia Park

In diens van staat en regering.   Sekere dienste word gesubsidieer deur die regering en ons belastings.  Alles word reeds gedeeltelik vir hierdie 3 parlementere dorpies betaal.   Daar is beveiliging in plek, gemeubileerde wonings/woonstelle, dienste en ook busvervoer na en van werk (na Kaapstad middestad).   Meer as wat enige werker kan vra gerieflik hou die busse… Continue reading Laboria Park, Pelikan Park, Acacia Park

Ramaphosa – Questions and Oral replies

Here follows a "speech" by Cyril Ramaphosa about the Oral Replies to Questions in the National Assembly, Parliament - 2019 * QUESTION: With reference to his address at the 25 Years of Democracy Conference on 23 July 2019, wherein he stated that nation building has economic, political, cultural and social dimensions that are interrelated and dynamic,… Continue reading Ramaphosa – Questions and Oral replies

Eskom – housing – Hostelle

  As hulle nie bedel nie, spandeer hulle dit.  Belastinggeld word baie rondgeslinger, en was daar ooit soveel spandeer op hierdie onvoltooide projek deur Eskom.    Nou wie het soveel aan Eskom "belowe" wat volgens berigte, die volgende twee jaar 'n borgtog van bykans R120 biljoen sal kry, het meer as R300 miljoen op die… Continue reading Eskom – housing – Hostelle

Eskom loans – 2008 – 2017 – 2018

  Times reported during December 2018, about Eskom's bad debt, mismanagement and failing plants, the troubled power utility has seen its fair share of blows this year, leading to questions about the sustainability of the state-owned entity.    The total debt for Eskom climbed by 14% to R419bn in the past six months (until the end… Continue reading Eskom loans – 2008 – 2017 – 2018

South African Parliament – “Conflict of interest”

What is "conflict of interest" and "code of conduct"?    What is the South African  policy and parliament "so-called democracy" regarding members of parliament, families of the members of parliament and businesses and other related matters, involvement in tenders,  "bribes" and "capture".   What does the Code of Conduct stipulates to the members of parliament and… Continue reading South African Parliament – “Conflict of interest”