Land expropriation without compensation

Ramaphosa, his cabinet and members of parliament, as well as opposition, like Malema are farmers do have farms.    Can they lead by example and donate some of their land to the poor.   They can also mentor and show them how to farm those land, their own blood brothers.   Make sure there are enough animals,… Continue reading Land expropriation without compensation

Nuremberg codes … SA Constitution – Grondwet

What is in the 1996 Constitution of South Africa.   The Bill of Rights sets out the fundamental rights of all South Africans, including the right to dignity and the right to equality. The Bill of Rights also states when rights may be limited.Word burgers se regte beskerm of nie?   Dit gaan nie net oor die… Continue reading Nuremberg codes … SA Constitution – Grondwet

Unemployment – B-BBEE – Werkloosheid swart bemagtiging

Oorsake van werkloosheid is lankal aan die gang.  Die rewolusie is al sedert 1994 vol aan die gang en het voor 1960 al begin.   Die virus moenie blameer word vir swak bestuur en verkeerde, rassistiese wetgewing wat 'n demper plaas op alle vooruitgang in Suid-Afrika nie.  Daar is steeds die miljoene, die 100% van regerings… Continue reading Unemployment – B-BBEE – Werkloosheid swart bemagtiging

Constitution – SA

Grants are only one part of constitution.  The Joint Fund to Promote and Advance Constitutionalism in South Africa (Constitutionalism Fund – CF) is a collaboration between The Atlantic Philanthropies, the Ford Foundation and The Open Society Foundations, with a combined investment of US$25 million to be spent on grantmaking over a ten to twelve year… Continue reading Constitution – SA

Expropriation – Onteiening

  What has the ANC been doing since taking power in 1994 to build South Africa?    They bought over 5000 productive farms - today, those farms are down the drain.   The huge corruption factor since 1994 - one corruption act on the other, corrupt tenders, the building of big stages, the arms scandal, textbooks,… Continue reading Expropriation – Onteiening