Khoi San people and leaderships – legislation

* An article in Mail and Guardian during 2019, stated that the Traditional Khoi San Leadership Act will directly affect 18-million rural people.   There are more Khoi San people today, plus the more than 25 million different black groups of the old Reserves and Homelands.    They are also living separately on CPA or Trustlands. … Continue reading Khoi San people and leaderships – legislation

Terrorism – Terrorisme

Die SA Parlement, met die hulp van provinsies en ander politieke organisasies maak die wetgewings wat geïmplementeer word. SA Parliament is the national legislature (law-making body) of South Africa. As such, one of its major functions is to pass new laws, to amend existing laws, and to repeal or abolish (cancel) old laws. This function… Continue reading Terrorism – Terrorisme

Wetgewings B-BBEE-EE legislations

  Sedert 1994 word al ons blankes se menseregte geskend, net omdat daar wit pigmente oor ons lyf geklee is.   Hoe minderwaardig moet meerderhede swart ea sowel blanke liberale/ klassieke liberale nie voel om verskillende nasionale wetgewings van parlement SA te laat implementeer sodat ons blankes nie mag deelneem aan enige ekonomie of vooruitgang in… Continue reading Wetgewings B-BBEE-EE legislations

High levels of Violence in SA – July 2021 ongoing

What needs to happen is that the ANC, the ruling party and the others, like EFF have to take responsibility for the violence and the destroyed businesses, burnt shopping centres and houses.  Members of parliament and those leaders behind this arsons and violence must take responsibility for the terrorist actions.   The ANC must take the… Continue reading High levels of Violence in SA – July 2021 ongoing

Gun and self defence legislation

  All legislations and changes to it, as well as to the Constitution,  will be a blank cheque (since 1994) and only a promise to citizens what ministers have said that the amendments should not be interpreted as though "government is looking into disarming citizens".   If all citizens have that human right until now (under… Continue reading Gun and self defence legislation

Ingonyama Trustland (Zulu people)

There was various agreements during the Kodesa era, before 1994.    Ingonyama Trust agreement was signed and there was even legislation in place.  Read as a start the Constitution of South Africa, Codesa minutes and related information, also the various legislations since Codesa until now.     * Begin deur eerstens te weet wat in… Continue reading Ingonyama Trustland (Zulu people)

September 2020 – “New legislations” South Africa

Legislative process - Parliament, as the national legislature, considers draft pieces of legislation in order to exercise its power to make laws.    A draft piece of legislation (called a Bill) must formally be submitted to Parliament before Parliament can consider making it a law. Most Bills are prepared by government departments under the direction… Continue reading September 2020 – “New legislations” South Africa

Russia – Christians : Rusland Christelike geloof

Russia was placed 41st out of 50 countries with the highest levels of persecutions faced by Christians, according to the group’s 2019 World Watch List published.   China is 27th on the list, Nigeria 12th. Hoeveel van die moorde wat vandag in Suid-Afrika plaasvind is as gevolg van geloof en spesifieke Christelike geloof?   Interessant die tipe… Continue reading Russia – Christians : Rusland Christelike geloof