Unesco, Human Rights, Racism and the Nuremberg Code

Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights ... Noting the United Nations International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights of 16 December 1966, the United Nations International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination of 21 December 1965, ... BLACK empowerment and… Continue reading Unesco, Human Rights, Racism and the Nuremberg Code

Self-determination for the oppressed people

Under international law, minority groups that qualify as “peoples” have the right to self-determination: the ability to freely determine their political fate and form a representative government.    Peoples who are oppressed or colonized, however, have the right to external self-determination, which they may exercise through secession from their mother state.   Afrikaner and Boers (all… Continue reading Self-determination for the oppressed people

Racism and Discrimination South Africa

What is the ongoing situation since the early 1990's under the specific so-called "democratic constitution?   Discrimination and racism is part of this so-called democracy.   Expropriation of land and other properties, from white people, falls under Section 25, also discrimination.   Black Empowerment Legislations (B-BBEE and EE) are published in the Government Gazette and is praised by… Continue reading Racism and Discrimination South Africa


B-BBEE IS LEGISLATION IT IS NOT ONLY A SIMPLE POLICY . . . . . The Commencement of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Amendment Act, 2013 (Act No. 46 of 2013). In terms of section 10 (2) of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Amendment Act, 2013 (Act No. 46 of 2013), determined that the Act… Continue reading BLACK EMPOWERMENT SOUTH AFRICA

Empowerment project Truter

Swart bemagtiging in die landbou sektor - Liberaal verligte blanke boere - heelwat van die liberales was reeds vanaf 1982 betrokke om die land aan kommuniste (bolsjeviste) te oorhandig.   Nie net besighede en (SOE) staatsinstellings bevat daardie swart bemagtiging (B-BBEE) sertifikate nie, maar die landbousektor ook.   Wat elke besigheidspersoon, wat deel is van die volk moet… Continue reading Empowerment project Truter

Multi-culture failed in South Africa

  Various "leaders" are looking for the "rainbow" in South Africa - because there is no rainbow nation in South Africa.   We are all different peoples, each with their own history, culture, traditions, language, ethnic groupsings and identity.  Respect that. Mandela’s rainbow nation has gone from hero to zero. Can it reclaim his legacy?  -… Continue reading Multi-culture failed in South Africa

FW de Klerk in sy skik of nie?

FW must be very proud what he achieved - a Nobel price and money? .... FW de Klerk at an event organised by the Cape Town Press Club - he spoke about the past 25 years since the dawn of democracy in South Africa, outlining some of the things that went wrong, and some of the… Continue reading FW de Klerk in sy skik of nie?

Vals vlag “reënboognasie SA”

Dis 'n waarneming al vir etlike jare, dat die media huise wat berigte vervat, politici en liberaal verligte blankes, wat die idee skep dat daar 'n gelukkige reënboognasie in Suid-Afrika is.  Daar is nie so iets nie.  Daarom word daar gedurig op die konserwatiewe blanke gefokus, wat patrioties is, wat nog glo dat dit ons… Continue reading Vals vlag “reënboognasie SA”

Wie is rassiste? Who are racists?

Why did the media and social media only shared only the one photo of the Schweizer-Reneke School? They were well aware of all the other photos available but they preferred to ignore that in their articles.   The other photos were shared at a later stage for the obvious reason  :  racism and hate speech.   The… Continue reading Wie is rassiste? Who are racists?

Swart bemagtiging teenoor blankes (NAP)

Nasionale Aksie Plan - Duidelik kom die regering ook nie hul eie defnisies na oor diskriminasie en rassisme, of om dit te voorkom met hul wetgewing wat teen ons diskrimineer.  Swart bemagtiging (B-BBEE) is beslis rassisme en diskriminasie en dis verseker 'n skending van elke blanke se mensereg in Suid-Afrika.  Alle swart bemagtigingswetgewings is nog… Continue reading Swart bemagtiging teenoor blankes (NAP)