Ramaphosa: B-BBEE – Swart bemagtiging

* Ramaphosa het gedurende Junie 2022 'n groep van 14 mense aangestel om as lede van die Breëgebaseerde Swart Ekonomiese Bemagtigingsadviesraad te dien om die regering te lei oor verskerpte transformasie van die ekonomie.    Die Raadslede is ingevolge Artikel 6(1) (d) van die Wet op Breëbasis Swart Ekonomiese Bemagtiging (Wet No 53 van 2003)… Continue reading Ramaphosa: B-BBEE – Swart bemagtiging

Co-incidences – Toevallighede

  According to a statement by the South African Meat Processors Association (Sampa) and the South African Association of Meat Importers & Exporters (Amie SA), there are currently 290 temperature-controlled ‘reefer’ containers that require an urgent cold storage remedy, with more containers en route from international markets set to offload at the Durban port.  *… Continue reading Co-incidences – Toevallighede

ANC – Lethuli-house can of worms – “Nyani skeletons” – so-called “apartheid” (segregation) and ‘white privileges”

Can we call it all WAR CRIMES -  the violation of human rights?   that started already with the Anglo Boer Wars  - What on earth can we as Afrikaners and Boers call the following different scenarios that followed?    * “The ANC categorically states that the organisation was not involved, implicated nor approached to answer… Continue reading ANC – Lethuli-house can of worms – “Nyani skeletons” – so-called “apartheid” (segregation) and ‘white privileges”