Andrew Mlangeni ANC (95)

  Mlangeni, who turned 95 on June 6, died at 1 Military Hospital in Pretoria last Tuesday. He had complained of abdominal pain.   He has been hailed as a selfless man who stood against corruption and whose life was dedicated to the freedom of the country.  He was an ANC member and member of parliament… Continue reading Andrew Mlangeni ANC (95)

Dakar 1986-.. – Notes of H Giliomee

Notice the "AB member" at the Bond meeting between other "familiar faces of parliament and so-called leaders" when Ramapadda addressed them on behalf of "Afrikaners".   One of the many elders was presented to the cameras as Hermann.    Ironical, the club members make sure they have a (so-called) mandate to speak and make decisions on… Continue reading Dakar 1986-.. – Notes of H Giliomee

Estimated 500 000 plus murdered since 1994

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNDOC) has released a new   report   focusing on the countries with the highest murder rates.  The study seeks to shed light on gender-related killings, lethal gang violence and other challenges, with the aim of bringing homicide rates around the world.   The data shows that the overall number of… Continue reading Estimated 500 000 plus murdered since 1994

ANC “Freedom charter 1955”

Kliptown - The gathering drafted a program that carried the struggle forward for 40 years, leading to the African National Congress’ ascendancy to power in 1994. Known as the "communist" Freedom Charter, the document called for a transfer of power from the white minority to the African majority through democratic rule and the nationalization of… Continue reading ANC “Freedom charter 1955”