Swart bemagtiging – Eskom – DA – Van Damme

Dis elke blanke se reg en plig, om teen SWART BEMAGTIGING (B-BBEE en RA/AA) op te staan, anders is jy ten gunste daarvoor.   Ons blanke volk word benadeel, ons menseregte word daagliks geskend en die wat op hulle jisse sit en niks doen nie is tevrede met die ANC, DA, EFF en ander se beleid… Continue reading Swart bemagtiging – Eskom – DA – Van Damme


Korrupsie, misdaad, aanvalle moorde

Het misdaad en protesaksies nou 'n totaal algemene ding geword dat daar vir die kleinste ding optogte gehou word.   Sien hoe dit in parlement gaan, maar daar is ook video materiaal van Vryheid se protesaksies wat nie vreedsaam verloop het nie. Alhoewel Ramaphosa op sy oorsese besoeke ontken dat plaasaanvalle en moorde plaasvind, wys die… Continue reading Korrupsie, misdaad, aanvalle moorde

Eskom split route – Ramaphosa – ANC

The Government failed since 1994 at all levels of government.   SOE's have been failed.   Eskom has been failed.   Telkom, SAA, SABC and others.   All part of this sinking ship.   Can anybody in a crisis split a sinking ship?   There is no "emergency plan" if government do not take action against corruption and the non payments… Continue reading Eskom split route – Ramaphosa – ANC

Casspirs Durban

  Three of the four controversial Casspirs bought for the metro police by eThekwini Municipality were delivered to the Durban Metro Police on Wednesday.   The Casspirs cost more than R23 million and have been mired in controversy as opposition parties questioned whether there was a real need for the vehicles and also their price tag.....… Continue reading Casspirs Durban

BEE is racism and discrimination

MAIMANE 2016:  “I don’t care whether you are white or black, but if you are racist the DA is not your place."       SAID THE MAN WITH THE LEGISLATION OF RACISM AND DISCRIMINATION IN HIS HANDS.    Are you ready for the following joke:  MAIMANE 2018:  "The DA is the only party in South… Continue reading BEE is racism and discrimination

ongoing Revolution in South Africa

  FAILE   "RAINBOW NATION" KILLINGS - FARM MURDERS AND ATTACKS VIDEO https://www.bitchute.com/video/2d0tv1mxAdqW/ Youtube: https://youtu.be/UO86eolz-z8 High Quality Download: https://anonfile.com/V2x4j0k9ba/S_dAfrikaFinalCUt_mp4 Music: Infinite Ammo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyhT0qwNe-4 John Wick Medley https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IBvf7KUEZ78 Hydrogen(Ho... *** FAILED STATE   ANC minutes (June 1993) destroys the myth of a "Rainbow Nation" The document appears to be valid ... your input is welcomed. The document… Continue reading ongoing Revolution in South Africa

FW en sy multi-kultuur

  FW de Klerk, the last apartheid president who went on to serve as a deputy president in the first democratic government, on Wednesday described inequality as democratic South Africa’s biggest failure, closely followed by failure to promote non-racialism. ‘It is a matter of the deepest regret that, in my opinion, South Africa can no… Continue reading FW en sy multi-kultuur