Blankes – SA – Whites

The chairperson of the DA Federal Council,  Helen Zille has spoken again out on '“wokeness” in SA, claiming it is trying to banish "whiteness".    During a recent interview on Brain in a Vat, Zille said she believed the ideology was not a source of positive change in society.   A little bit late for the DA… Continue reading Blankes – SA – Whites

Democratic Alliance (DA) – October 2019

Is this a musical game playing or is the DA in a serious crisis and  will it take time to recover from this politically and regain lost ground.    The Democratic Alliance (DA) has 89/400 seats in Parliament.   They are the official opposition to the governing party nationally.    There are 13/54 seats in the… Continue reading Democratic Alliance (DA) – October 2019

DA en Wes-Kaap Wetgewing

(Wes-Kaap) - Provinsies en munisipaliteite is onderhewig aan Nasionale wetgewing, hetsy of daar nou koalisies bestaan tussen die EFF of DA of COPE of VF+, word alle bywette en ook ordonnansies, tenders, aanstelling van persone, onderhewig gemaak aan die Nasionale wetgewer.   Munisipale bywette moet volgens ANC se nasionale wetgewing opgestel word.  Toe die lede van… Continue reading DA en Wes-Kaap Wetgewing

DA and racism

Is there a difference between racism and discrimination or are there two or perhaps 3 different sets of legislations here?   That is still racism and discrimation under the South African (ANC) legislations.   It is a crime to discriminate against the white person's human rights and you all are busy violating our human rights.  Are you… Continue reading DA and racism

Dubbel standaarde / Double standards

Dubbel standaarde - swart bemagtiging en die vlae.   DA hardloop op hul ANC blou bene rond.    Hier gaan dit nie spesfiek oor die DA vlag wat hier rondgeswaai word nie maar oor swart bemagtiging en dubbel standaarde van die vlae.  Dis 'n feit dat daar slegs rassisties opgetree word teen Blankes as hul durf waag… Continue reading Dubbel standaarde / Double standards