Truman Doctrine America

It was stated that the rationale for the policy developed in the Truman Doctrine drew heavily upon American ideological support of the principle of self-determination. However, the new interpretation changed America's early historic role of merely expressing sympathy to one of active and official economic and military support of the self-determination of "free peoples" who… Continue reading Truman Doctrine America

Kibbutz called Jan Smuts

Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan - Jan Smuts.      A Kibbutz (Hebrew: קיבוץ), plural Kibbutzim (Hebrew: קיבוצים), from the Hebrew word meaning "gathering" or "together," is an Israeli collective community.   The Kibbutzim movement combines socialism and Zionism in a form of practical Labor Zionism, founded at a time when independent farming was not practical. Forced by necessity into communal life, and inspired by… Continue reading Kibbutz called Jan Smuts

Saudi Arabia Depth of Damage to Its Oil Facilities – Attacks on Yemen and damage

  This is Saudi Arabia—Hundreds of workers scurried in the stifling summer heat around cranes by a 100-foot-tall processing unit, a vital part of this sprawling oil facility, now charred black and reeking of tar and burned metal following an attack .     Saudi Arabia took media to inspect oil facilities hit by attacks that Washington… Continue reading Saudi Arabia Depth of Damage to Its Oil Facilities – Attacks on Yemen and damage

Yemen Houthi – US bases – Iran – Saudi Arabia – Israel

  Iran’s president has warned American and other foreign forces to “stay away” from the region, as Tehran paraded long-range missile capable of reaching American bases.    Hassan Rouhani said the presence of such troops in the Gulf has always brought “pain and misery”, in a speech made at an annual military parade to commemorate the… Continue reading Yemen Houthi – US bases – Iran – Saudi Arabia – Israel

Saudi Arabia, Yemen Houthi, Iran, Israel, USA, UK, oil

Yemen’s Houthi rebels announced late Friday night that they were stopping drone and missile attacks against Saudi Arabia, one week after they claimed responsibility for a strike that crippled a key oil facility in the kingdom.    The U.S. and the Saudis blamed the September 14 attack on Iran, which backs the Houthi rebels fighting a Saudi-led military coalition… Continue reading Saudi Arabia, Yemen Houthi, Iran, Israel, USA, UK, oil

Yemen Houthi – Houthi’s – Saudi Arabia – Israel – USA – Iran

Houthi rebels fighting Saudi Arabia in Yemen claimed responsibility for the attack. They are backed by Iran and used Iranian weapons. America may have evidence the strike came from inside Iran itself. Mike Pompeo, the secretary of state, has called it “an act of war”. The details matter, but do not change the question: how… Continue reading Yemen Houthi – Houthi’s – Saudi Arabia – Israel – USA – Iran

Five Israeli Weapons June 2019

  As tensions between Iran and Israel continue to simmer, with the latter increasingly attempting to cement alliances with both Arab Gulf states and the Western Bloc for greater support, both sides retain a number of military assets capable of deterring their adversaries from initiating military action. While considerable attention has been drawn to Iran’s ballistic missile… Continue reading Five Israeli Weapons June 2019

Jordania: Water – desalination

  Geen wateraanlegte is goedkoop nie en om te ontsout , asook "elektrisiteit" te voorsien, mag ook heelwat nadele hê wat in ag geneem moet word om die grond en sy inwoners/dieire te beskerm. The 12-billion dollar red to dead sea project for replenishing the receding Dead Sea also includes plans for hydro electric power… Continue reading Jordania: Water – desalination