Sykes-Picot Agreement Middle east – Ottomans

  Why is there so much conflict, especially in the middle east?   When Mark Sykes and François Georges-Picot met in London and took a pen to a map of the Middle East 100 years ago this week, only one of them had ever been there. It was, some say, as if the two were playing… Continue reading Sykes-Picot Agreement Middle east – Ottomans

Truman Doctrine America

It was stated that the rationale for the policy developed in the Truman Doctrine drew heavily upon American ideological support of the principle of self-determination. However, the new interpretation changed America's early historic role of merely expressing sympathy to one of active and official economic and military support of the self-determination of "free peoples" who… Continue reading Truman Doctrine America

Ottomans – Arabs – Palestine – Israel – England – France

The Treaty of Mudros ended Ottoman participation in World War I and effectively — if not legally—marked the dissolution of a once mighty empire. From its ruins, the victors of the First World War attempted to use the post-war peace negotiations to create a new, more unpredictable entity: the modern Middle East.   It was signed… Continue reading Ottomans – Arabs – Palestine – Israel – England – France

Jordania – Israel – WATER

Israel se minister van plaaslike samewerking het gesê Israel is gereed om voort te gaan met 'n multimiljoen-dollarprojek met Jordanië om water van die Rooi See na die Dooie See af te voer.  Die projek is al 'n geruime tyd in bespreking tussen verskeie Arabiese state.    Daar sal ook 'n ontsoutingsaanleg gebou word in… Continue reading Jordania – Israel – WATER

Jordania: Water – desalination

  Geen wateraanlegte is goedkoop nie en om te ontsout , asook "elektrisiteit" te voorsien, mag ook heelwat nadele hê wat in ag geneem moet word om die grond en sy inwoners/dieire te beskerm. The 12-billion dollar red to dead sea project for replenishing the receding Dead Sea also includes plans for hydro electric power… Continue reading Jordania: Water – desalination