Demokratiese rewolusie in SA na 1994

* Soos met die voorgangers gedoen is, word vereis dat Ramaphosa, die president wat hulle in plek gekies het,  moet gaan.    Daar sal kinkels en kabels in elke presidensie wees sonder vervolgings plaasvind.   Dinsdagaand  (11 April) het Mbeki ook dit vereis dat die ANC nie Ramaphosa moet beskerm nie en dat hy rekenskap moet… Continue reading Demokratiese rewolusie in SA na 1994

SA Staatskaping en Eskom

* Dis duidelik die ANC regering speel sedert 1994 ongemagtigde magsbasis speletjies saam hul ander liberale kaders oor die Eskom- en regering kapings.    Die ander staatsentiteite blom in hul afwesigheid.     Die blaam van kapings van die staat en Eskom sedert 1994, word nou in 2022 voor die deur van die blanke, André De… Continue reading SA Staatskaping en Eskom

W E F World Economic Forum

Founded by Klaus Schwab in 1971, the WEF operates under the motto “committed to improving the state of the world”. From Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the IMF’s Christine Lagarde to leading business minds such as Bill Gates, the wide array of speakers always makes for an impressive showing. * Annual report - 2019-2020… Continue reading W E F World Economic Forum

Enough Violence against Women and Children, killings – September 2019

  Demanded - Cape Town - Outside the CTICC, protesters want the president to address them. “We are going to shut down South Africa" Police have arrested protesters who were gathered outside the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) where the World Economic Forum on Africa is taking place.   The protesters took to the streets over… Continue reading Enough Violence against Women and Children, killings – September 2019

Protesters Cape Town – WEF 4 September 2019

  It's day one of the  2019 World Economic Forum and it's already marred by protests.   Police fired stun grenades and water cannons at protesters.   The protesters demanded to be addressed by President Cyril Ramaphosa. Scores of women demonstrated against South Africa's "femicide epidemic" as the World Economic Forum on Africa kicks off in Cape Town… Continue reading Protesters Cape Town – WEF 4 September 2019

Ramaphosa at World Economic Forum Cape Town

  South African business leaders on Wednesday urged President Cyril Ramaphosa to push through reforms faster to lift the economy and curb investment outflows, as executives and policymakers gathered for a continental economic summit.   Frustration is building in Africa’s most industrialised economy. Ramaphosa has promised sweeping reforms, but growth remains below 1% a year and… Continue reading Ramaphosa at World Economic Forum Cape Town