South Africa – Revolution – Ongoing

  In political and social sciences, communism (from Latin communis, “common, universal")  is the philosophical, social, political, and economic ideology  and  movement  whose ultimate goal is the establishment of the communist society, which is a  socio- economic order structured upon the common ownership of the means of production and the absence of social classes, money, and the state. At Marikana  - 2012  - This is all part of the revolution.   Communism includes a variety of… Continue reading South Africa – Revolution – Ongoing


South Africa – trade of illicit drugs and trafficking

  It is unbelievable that so many kilograms of drug somehow find its way through our borders and the worst part is the effect it has on our daily lives.  According to the US State Department in their 2017 International Narcotics Control Strategy Report “South Africa is the largest market for illicit drugs and trafficking. … Continue reading South Africa – trade of illicit drugs and trafficking

Denmark and South Africa – ANC

  Vanaf September 1975 tot May 1990 was die kantore in Denemarke slegs 'n konsulaat, en is dit in 1990 opgegradeer na die van 'n Ambassade.   Vorige regering het heelwat buitelandse kantore en missies gehad, om handelsbetrekkinge te bevorder.  Die ANC het nie agtergebly nie en ook hul eie mense oral geplaas en soms van… Continue reading Denmark and South Africa – ANC

South African Farm attacks and killings

Mandela continued to define farm murders as, “In the period January 1 to November 24  2017 there were 51 crimes occurred on the Free State farms. During the commission of these crimes, 14 murders occurred, with only three known instances in which the motive was murder. Arrests have been made for ONLY 11 of these… Continue reading South African Farm attacks and killings

South Africa – Suid-Afrika (voor 1994)

Nostalgiese terugblik.   Saluut aan almal.   *** Battle of Cuito Cuanavale - 1987 This video shows the truth about what happened in late 1987 in South-East Angola. The video says it all, but the SADF/Unita forces seriously crushed the Communist forces of Cuba/MPLA! *** *** Attack on Katima Mulilo - 23 August 1978 In… Continue reading South Africa – Suid-Afrika (voor 1994)

Gangster “Paradise” – “state”

Soms lyk 'n sirkus en word "musical chairs" gespeel.  Die ANC-EFF-BLF-DA en feitlik alle ander kry hul opdragte in parlement - let op wie die parlement en grondwet finansier - hoof finansier is Soros.   Partye wat die grondwet steun steun Soros en sy Open Society Foundation - Soros het ook die Grondwet, Codesa en swart… Continue reading Gangster “Paradise” – “state”

Appointment of members at Municipal Demarcation Board

Bepaling van die afbakening van Suid-Afrika se munisipale grense.   Ramaphosa het al die nuwe aanstellings reeds sowat twee maande gelede gedoen.  Dus, wie bepaal ons munisipale grense?   ANC regering bepaal die munisipale grense. The new Board was appointed by the President of the Republic, Cyril Ramaphosa, on 01 March 2019, following the end of the… Continue reading Appointment of members at Municipal Demarcation Board