Slavery – human trafficking

In the late 18th century, a small band of British Quakers and other humanitarian-minded folk began to build the case against the slave trade. Britain’s supremacy in maritime power and technology meant that it led the world in the transatlantic trade in African “cargo”, having overtaken Portuguese, Spanish and French competitors.    And today, it is… Continue reading Slavery – human trafficking

Amy-Lee de Jager found – Vanderbijlpark

  Amy-Lee de Jager – the six-year-old who was abducted outside Kollege Park Primary School in Vanderbijlpark on Monday, has been reunited with her family.   The horrifying events, caught on CCTV camera, which took place on Monday morning, have a happy ending, as  Amy-Lee de Jager has been found, reportedly unharmed, and reunited with her parents. … Continue reading Amy-Lee de Jager found – Vanderbijlpark

South African Police Services – reports

  Crime, human trafficking, rape, killings, corruption are just endless.   If government is not going to stop it, nobody will - they allow this.  Open borders are also a fact, and people from all over the world come in South Africa and live here for free, get free land and housing, want free education, if… Continue reading South African Police Services – reports

History Lies – Sosiale wetenskap leuens > 1994

The "new history" in Afrikaans to school children in South Africa:   "Blacks from South Afica were not used as slaves". Dis 'n feit - die regering van die dag, wat ook liberale blankes insluit, verander die geskiedenis om hulle te pas en dis wat aan die nuwe "reënboognasie" oorgedra word om meer haat teenoor blanke… Continue reading History Lies – Sosiale wetenskap leuens > 1994