1976 – Israel and South Africa – B J Vorster / Y Rabin

In the 1970s Israel needed friends, and South Africa needed weapons. From a new book, the story of their secret alliance.    ... ... ... As defense cooperation between Israel and South Africa intensified, politicians in both countries began to come out of hiding. In 1976, Prime Ministers Balthazar Johannes Vorster and Yitzhak Rabin decided that… Continue reading 1976 – Israel and South Africa – B J Vorster / Y Rabin

2 May 1994 – A violent road

  This was reported in a magazine of 1994 - It is around midnight, Easter Sunday. In the emergency room of Soweto's Baragwanath Hospital "casualties" have been mounting for hours. One after another, bleeding young black men and women from the township are wheeled in, unconscious from their injuries and their drinking. Most of the… Continue reading 2 May 1994 – A violent road

Expat – vanuit Suid-Afrika

Natuurlik mis almal oorsee ons lewensstyl en konneksie, maar hulle gaan na ander lande, omdat hul geen keuse het nie, verloor alle status van volkswees, hul taal, hul kultuur, hul vriende en vriendekringe, want hulle "integreer" met 'n nuwe volk en ander gewoontes.  Expats wat oorsee werk of gevestig het en so graag wil terugkom,… Continue reading Expat – vanuit Suid-Afrika

The real South Africa before 1994

The reality is that nobody can change our history in South Africa, but they can try their best to keep the truth away - not even homelands of 1980, that were changed into Trustlands after 1994.    All information is available in South African legislation and hansards but some information are already on the blog… Continue reading The real South Africa before 1994