Zuma 17 September 2021

  Zuma asked the apex court to set aside his 15-month jail sentence, which was handed down in June after he failed to comply with the court's order to appear before the state capture commission.   Kommissies en doel van hulle word nog altyd bevraagteken, vermorsing van belastinginkomstes. Tyd en geld wat hierdie regters aan hierdie… Continue reading Zuma 17 September 2021

South Africa – Corruption

  Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma, the former President of South Africa, has faced numerous legal issues before, during, and after his presidency, including rape charges, embezzlements, corruption, and fraud, to name a few.   The connection of the Gupta family is the most conspicuous of all the corruption charges levelled against him.  Corruption is ongoing for years… Continue reading South Africa – Corruption

Zuma – medical parole

  The leader of the DA, J Steenhuisen is of the opinion that a person eligible for medical parole must either be suffering from a terminal illness or be rendered physically incapacitated due to injury, disease or illness, the risk of re-offending must be low.   The DA wants the minutes of this "parole meeting".   … Continue reading Zuma – medical parole

Ramaphosa – 2020 – New Dawn – NWO

  Dit het minder as 25 jaar geneem om te besef dat al ons blankes se menseregte geskend is.  Liberale blankes het saam met die kommuniste gepaste wetgewings opgestel.   Dis 100% duidelik wat Soros en die ander liberaliste beplan het - alle onderhandelinge het buite ons land plaasgevind.  Om ons totaal en al te verarm… Continue reading Ramaphosa – 2020 – New Dawn – NWO

UPL – Durban – Cornubia warehouse fire

Two statements were made on UPL website - on 17 and 19 July 2021 respectively about this sabotage and blaze.       The question is, before such a type of business is set up and put into operation, the municipality is supposed to do various environmental and other impact studies (three governments).  Has this ever… Continue reading UPL – Durban – Cornubia warehouse fire

Durban 18-19 July 2021

Violence and looting has raged in South Africa for the sixth day running, stoking fears of food and fuel shortages as disruption to farming, manufacturing and oil refining began to bite amid the country’s worst unrest in decades.   More than 1,200 people have been arrested in the lawlessness that has raged in poor areas of… Continue reading Durban 18-19 July 2021

Terrorism Sabotage – Sabotasie Terrorisme

  Terrorism, sabotage and the leaders who orchestrated this, wanted to destroy all lives of citizens.   No further development and progress for any economy are their goals in the name of reform without any compensation.  What was, is no more anymore, the built up with hard-earned savings is simply broken down, destroyed and burned within… Continue reading Terrorism Sabotage – Sabotasie Terrorisme

Economic reform in South Africa – Amanzimtoti KZN

  This so-called protest actions are not about Zuma, but it is possible he and his family members are involved in the matter.   But if they are, they are not the only ones, but this type of destructions were all orchestrated since day one they took over in 1994.   They also did that in the… Continue reading Economic reform in South Africa – Amanzimtoti KZN

CHAOS South Africa – KZN, Gauteng – 15-7-2021

There will be NO income to this farmer or his workers at all.  There will be less milk on the shelves in the shops.  If they farmer can not pay his workers, what will happen to them and their families?   Those terrorists are not thinking and just want to destroy, steal and burn.  Who is… Continue reading CHAOS South Africa – KZN, Gauteng – 15-7-2021

Terrorisme – Sabotage to South Africa 13 July 2021 – Revolution

  People can attend street mass meetings and stealing, burning down businesses in their thousands, but that is OK.   But there are rules and regulations for citizens not to attend church meetings or other gatherings, only small groups of people, not allowed to travel.   And no masks or social distancing.  Some are very young children… Continue reading Terrorisme – Sabotage to South Africa 13 July 2021 – Revolution

Terrorism in SA – KZN and Gauteng

Die maak van bomme in glasbottels is ook onwettig, want dit is opsetlike saakbeskadiging.   Dan dink die terroriste hulle is heroes.  So word hul werksplekke, skole en infrastrukture geplunder dan afgebrand - die spul terroriste is nie lus vir werk of skoolgaan nie, of enige vooruitgang nie.  Dit gaan nie net oor Zuma nie.  Toe… Continue reading Terrorism in SA – KZN and Gauteng

Zuma Ondersteuners (supporters)

  Is hulle regtig ondersteuners van Zuma of daar om alles te plunder en af te brand.   Waarom word strate versper, chaos veroorsaak en al die lugbesoedeling wat skade vir almal se gesondheid is.   Die alewige gooi van klippe na voertuie wat nie hiervoor verantwoordelik is nie.  Dis niks anders as terrorisme en terreur nie… Continue reading Zuma Ondersteuners (supporters)

Supporters of Zuma Nkandla 5 July 2021

Is die padblokkades nou net magsvertoon - indien wel, is dit 'n skande eintlik en 'n klap in die gesig van die gereg?     Die vergadering op Nkandla het vergroot en mag nie plaasvind nie - nie volgens die regulasies om die virus te bekamp.   Ten spyte daarvan het duisende sonder maskers die verrigtinge bygewoon. … Continue reading Supporters of Zuma Nkandla 5 July 2021

Zuma and supporters at Nkandla 5 July 2021

The mass gatherings outside Zuma's home have left ordinary South Africans furious, with many asking why police allowed so many people to break lockdown regulations.   Many of  the supporters were seen not wearing masks with very little social distancing being observed outside his KwaDakudunuse homestead.     Zuma addressed the media from his homestead, where he… Continue reading Zuma and supporters at Nkandla 5 July 2021

“Hands off Zuma”

Zuma is nie bo enige wet of grondwet verhewe nie, en is grondwetlik skuldig deur nie op te daag waar hy moes nie - hy het self besluit om nie by te woon nie.   Hy het dit oor homself gebring deur nie te gaan nie.   Niemand hou hom vas nie, so niemand se hande is… Continue reading “Hands off Zuma”

ConCourt send Zuma to Jail – Zondo – “spider web”

  Zuma has been given five days to hand himself in to police. Failing that, the police minister must order his arrest. Zuma, 79, is accused of enabling the plunder of state coffers during his nearly nine-year stint in office.   “I am left with no option but to commit Mr Zuma to imprisonment, with the hope… Continue reading ConCourt send Zuma to Jail – Zondo – “spider web”

Responsibilities of Parliament

The ANC government has chosen to walk in the footsteps of other corrupt post-colonial African leaders and they have million of supporters in those deals.   Large-scale corruption is often framed around the liberation struggle rhetoric of empowering black people but blame "apartheid", while apartheid was created under British empire and with Khoi san and Black… Continue reading Responsibilities of Parliament

Paul Holden SWI at Zondo Commission on Guptas

  Alhoewel te wagte, is dit skokkende inligting wat uitborrel soos rooi warm lawa uit 'n vulkaan en na onder tuimel om al ons belastingbetalers eers te vergas, daarna eenvoudig met mag en mening weg te vee en te vernietig sodat die in beheer al die entiteite vir 'n appel en ei kan verkoop aan… Continue reading Paul Holden SWI at Zondo Commission on Guptas

Mabola – Wakkerstroom

Everyone has the right to an environment that is not harmful to their health or well-being; and to have the environment protected, for the benefit of present and future generations, through reasonable legislative and other measures that prevent pollution and ecological degradation; promote conservation; and secure ecologically sustainable development and use of natural resources while… Continue reading Mabola – Wakkerstroom