Algehele rewolusie en ineenstorting van die hele land en infrastrukture is al oor jare beplan en na 1994  onder die 1996 grondwet sowel wetgewings, wetttig uitgevoer.   Niks word aan die rewolusie gedoen nie nog minder al die staatskapings en -staatsentiteite soos Eskom wat verwoes word.  Na 30 jaar is dit wat ons alles in die… Continue reading EEN PLAN IN SUID-AFRIKA

Durban 18-19 July 2021

Violence and looting has raged in South Africa for the sixth day running, stoking fears of food and fuel shortages as disruption to farming, manufacturing and oil refining began to bite amid the country’s worst unrest in decades.   More than 1,200 people have been arrested in the lawlessness that has raged in poor areas of… Continue reading Durban 18-19 July 2021

Crime inside South Africa

How many immigrants are here in our metro- and bigger cities and how many of those want all for free and all want to live free in South Africa because the constitution said that too?  What control are there over this crime in the cities or on rural lands? Hoe lyk misdaad in Johannesburg, maar… Continue reading Crime inside South Africa

Revolution never ended

There is no democracy in South africa.   The ANC revolution has never ended in 1961 nor 1994 - it is still ongoing since their "congress" started.   There are killings, protest actions, internal tribal wars on a daily basis and violation of our people's human rights, which included racism, discrimination (B-BBEE legislations) and other threats like… Continue reading Revolution never ended

Mandela : revolution

  It is an  ongoing liberal terrorist revolution.   The liberation movement called itself in their manifesto - an ANC revolution started before 1994 - actually before 1955 already and today,  it is worse than before.   A small bomb thrown at peoples' houses  or a car bomb are all part of terrorism against the country and… Continue reading Mandela : revolution

Winnie and the Truth commission

Die finale verslag van die Waarheids en Versoeningskommissie oor Winnie Mandela. 16 Junie 1997.... In its final report, the TRC ruled that Madikizela-Mandela was “politically and morally accountable for the gross violations of human rights committed by the MUFC”.      Only after pleading from anguished TRC chairman Archbishop Desmond Tutu did she admit grudgingly that… Continue reading Winnie and the Truth commission

Soros and Ramaphosa

The Presidency proudly tweeted pictures of President Cyril Ramaphosa meeting with US billionaire and liberal activist, George Soros and his son, Alexander in New York recently during September 2018. *** READ MORE - BACKGROUND George Soros & Ramaphosa Ramaposa en Verenigde Nasies Suid-Afrika Parlement /South Africa Parliament RAMAPHOSA ON HIS MISSION Mandela and Soros ANC “Freedom charter… Continue reading Soros and Ramaphosa