South Africa – corruption and ‘apartheid’

Is this crime and corruption all lies and fabrications?  NO.    If there are so many applicable laws in South Africa about corruption, money laundering, crime, murder - why are those not being enforced? Therefore, the legislations and even the constitution are a waste of time and absolutely worthless to those who control and manipulate… Continue reading South Africa – corruption and ‘apartheid’

Durban – UPL

  Rajnikant Devidas Shroff, also known as Rajju Shroff is an Indian businessperson and billionaire, who is the founder and chairman and UPL Limited.  Rajju Shroff is the founder of BSE-listed crop protection company UPL. After its $4.2 billion acquisition of Arysta LifeSciences in 2018, UPL became one of the top agrochemical  companies in the world. UPL's… Continue reading Durban – UPL

RR – Red revolution

Who are those "runners, looters and terrorists"?   Were they all here on a free to take for everybody - and that is not only in KwaZulu-Natal or Gauteng, it is ongoing for 27 years now and they still want more?     Are they all South Africans or illegal immigrants?  They are and were controlled by… Continue reading RR – Red revolution

Economic reform in South Africa – Amanzimtoti KZN

  This so-called protest actions are not about Zuma, but it is possible he and his family members are involved in the matter.   But if they are, they are not the only ones, but this type of destructions were all orchestrated since day one they took over in 1994.   They also did that in the… Continue reading Economic reform in South Africa – Amanzimtoti KZN

Ramaphosa – CR17 – PP Mkhwebane .. in court 2020

  Mkhwebane said Ramaphosa misled Parliament over a R500, 000 Bosasa donation.   The president insists Mkhwebane's probe was flawed and outside her jurisdiction.  Expectation of  Mkhwebane’s report was to deal with a single donation to Ramaphosa’s campaign for election as ANC president at the party’s 2017 Nasrec elective congress.  When Mkhwebane released her report, she… Continue reading Ramaphosa – CR17 – PP Mkhwebane .. in court 2020

Money laundering in South Africa – legislation and regulations

The Responsible minister for money laundering is the Minister of Finance.  Just look up what his salary is, together with other ministers (involved with Bosasa)  as well.      He and the others, are part of the ANC cabinet and a very important minister, but what is he doing about the Bosasa and money laundering? … Continue reading Money laundering in South Africa – legislation and regulations

Bosasa “donations” (fake) – money laundering – ANC – DA – elections

With all due respect, no sincere citizen's observation in South Africa, that the different election systems after 1994 can be seen as fair elections when looking at all the "donations" or "bribes" - especially those that were broadcast during the Zondo commission and even has been discussed in parliament between the different political leaders. Now… Continue reading Bosasa “donations” (fake) – money laundering – ANC – DA – elections

Omar al-Bashir

Gaan hy tot verantwoording geroep word vir sy dade en bydraes tot moorde? Is dit nie tyd dat alle lande wat terreur en terrorisme befonds tot verantwoording geroep word nie.  En dit sluit moorde in Suid-Afrika in.   Heelwat finansiering is en word in wapens, wapensmokkel, dwelms en mensehandel, selfs soldate en kinders wat as soldate… Continue reading Omar al-Bashir