Failed South Africa – Ramaphosa – land issues – expropriation and economy 2020

  Before the "lock down" South Africa was already a failed country.    During the lock down in May 2020, Ramaphosa spoke to the South African National Editors’ Forum and said: As premise for his recovery plan, he said that the current economic dispensation was built on racism and colonialism and this goes to show… Continue reading Failed South Africa – Ramaphosa – land issues – expropriation and economy 2020

Corona study – Professor Nikolai Petrovsky

  Coronavirus may have been a 'cell-culture experiment' gone wrong (OR NOT?).... “This virus is amazingly adapted to humans and that’s not normal in a situation where a virus has come from a wild animal to a human - Flinders University Professor Nikolai Petrovsky . * There's a good chance those who've had it could… Continue reading Corona study – Professor Nikolai Petrovsky

Corona virus – Refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants

    Refugees and asylum seekers in informal and formal sectors are more vulnerable, especially since relief schemes designed to respond to stressed small and medium-sized businesses were limited to citizens. As a result, they have no access to the debt relief finance scheme, the business growth/resilience facility, the tourism relief fund for small, medium… Continue reading Corona virus – Refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants

Corona virus – immigrants and illegals – test and aid

The Centre for Human Rights, University of Pretoria and the Centre for Applied Legal Studies, University of the Witwatersrand, are deeply concerned about the situation of migrants in South Africa during this Covid-19 crisis.   The exclusion of any segment of society from access to testing, treatment and other palliative measures put in place to cushion… Continue reading Corona virus – immigrants and illegals – test and aid

Corona virus tests – South Africa versus population

  Data presented by the National Health Laboratory Service (NHLS) reveals how many Covid-19 tests have been conducted in South Africa across all provinces to date – and what proportion have come out positive.   Across the country, the NHLS’s data (to 28 May) shows that over 680,000 tests have been processed in the country.    Counter… Continue reading Corona virus tests – South Africa versus population

Ekonomiese kleinsake vernietiging – “Corona virus crisis”

Die land se hele ekonomie is lam gelê deur die afkondiging van "Nasionale rampstaat" en magte wat daarna misbruik is.  Tog sing die "nuwe "Rampstaat bevelvoerder Zuma" in die jongste artikel, dit gaan eintlik oor swart bemagtiging, wat hierby ingesluit word.   Dus het die spul nie net die parlement mislei nie, maar ook belieg asook… Continue reading Ekonomiese kleinsake vernietiging – “Corona virus crisis”

Essential – churches, businesses, etc. – Noodsaaklik – kerke, besighede, ens.

Agree with the American president, D Trump - Churches are essential, but all businesses, small and big are also essential.    Also, any working conditions, whether working from their home environment or at an office or mining or any other work setting, are essential to give food on the table and help build an economy. … Continue reading Essential – churches, businesses, etc. – Noodsaaklik – kerke, besighede, ens.

Corona tests – Tanzania

Tanzania's President John Magufuli has dismissed imported coronavirus testing kits as faulty, saying they returned positive results on samples taken from a goat and a pawpaw.   Magufuli made the remarks during an event in Chato in northwestern  Tanzania on Sunday. He said there were "technical errors" with the tests. * So far, four people have… Continue reading Corona tests – Tanzania

Masks – Maskers – WHO – South Africa – America – Russia

Elkeen moet self afvra hoe gevaarlik is die masker wat my mond/neus bedek - indien 2/3 uur aanmekaar, gaan lees maar op wat doen maskers aan longe en bloed.  Niemand anders, ook geen regering of persone, het die reg daartoe om gesondheid op 'n SO2 skinkbord te plaas nie.  Daar is soveel opinies oor die… Continue reading Masks – Maskers – WHO – South Africa – America – Russia

Ramaphosa and the R20 billion

In die naam van die "virus" - Na watter munisipaliteite toe het hierdie R20 biljoen befondsing gegaan as munisipaliteite reeds/steeds hul erfbelastings ingevorder het.  Sedert die grendel begin het, het almal van ons steeds (of reeds) ons erfbelastings betaal, niemand het ophou betaal, behalwe die wat nie in staat daartoe was nie (vir een maand). … Continue reading Ramaphosa and the R20 billion