Multi-ethnic people of Afghanistan

The population of Afghans consist of 42 percent of Pashtuns, followed by 27 percent of Tajiks and nine percent Hazara.   The total population of Afghanistan is currently around 33 million.    Daar word beraam daar is sowat 33 miljoen Afghans in die land is   Dit word in verskeie etniese volke verdeel, nes hier in Suid-Afrika… Continue reading Multi-ethnic people of Afghanistan

Etniese volke / Ethnic people (SA)

RESPECT - Just as our conservative Afrikaners and Boers (whites) did not expect other peoples to abandon their traditions and cultures in 1994, others should respect our culture and traditions too.  We as people do not want to be part of the so-called "rainbow nation of De Klerk.   We never voted for this in any… Continue reading Etniese volke / Ethnic people (SA)