Behind the Deep state Ukraine-USA (Alex Newman)

  Newman stated that only if they have the same concern that they have about Ukraine’s borders and sovereignty as they have about America’s, we would be in really good shape .    Who are the lovers and creators of wars and deep states? * Despite their claims to be concerned about Ukraine's sovereignty and… Continue reading Behind the Deep state Ukraine-USA (Alex Newman)

Ramaphosa – ANC – China – NWO

Ramaphosa - Brics - China - Suid-Afrika - ANC en China en hul NWO praatjies.   Waar agter is China nou eintlik.  Brics bestaan uit 5 lande, nie net China nie, maar tog is China oral in Afrika, maar ander lande is ook in Afrika.    Hulle is baie desperaat, hulle klink baie desperaat as mens… Continue reading Ramaphosa – ANC – China – NWO