Expropriation of land without compensation – South Africa

They always said they are landless, but it is a big lie and not the truth.  How much land belong to the (ANC) government of South Africa and their own black/other supporters today?  Land that do not belong to whites in South Africa ... they always reported in the media, in "parliament" and to the… Continue reading Expropriation of land without compensation – South Africa

Front National – Vorster 1974 – Tuislande

Die ooreenkomste tussen die gesprek en Verwoerd duidelik sigbaar.  Geen tuisland is vandag "weg" nie, inteendeel, dit het net naamsveranderinge ondergaan.  Die bewyse dat swart etniese volke steeds alle ou Tuislande besit, bly en verkies om onder hul eie tradisionele te staan, is die bewys in die 1996 Grondwet, verskeie ander wetgewings (soos Ingonyama Trust)… Continue reading Front National – Vorster 1974 – Tuislande

Van Riebeeck dag

Van Riebeeck dag - wie kan dit nog onthou? Stigtingsdag ... wie kan dit nog onthou? STIGTINGSDAG Front Nasionaal SA Dit was vir my nog altyd ‘n eienaardige toeval dat die skeepschirurgyn, Jan Antonijzoon van Riebeeck van Culemborg juis op die oggend van 16 Desember 1651 in die hawe van Texel sou inskeep op sy… Continue reading Van Riebeeck dag

SA Farmers on their way out?

REMEMBER:    NO FARMER - NO FOOD Land expropriation is still a highly contested issue in South Africa, and it confuses a lot of people.    The results are clear, young farmers are leaving the country in high numbers, heading to countries like Canada, America, Australia and other countries.    At the end of the… Continue reading SA Farmers on their way out?

FW de Klerk in sy skik of nie?

FW must be very proud what he achieved - a Nobel price and money? .... FW de Klerk at an event organised by the Cape Town Press Club - he spoke about the past 25 years since the dawn of democracy in South Africa, outlining some of the things that went wrong, and some of the… Continue reading FW de Klerk in sy skik of nie?

Bophuthatswana “homeland”

During 1961-1994 there were various elections that took place in the old Homelands - each culture elected their own leaders, have an anthem of their choice, a flag, own schools and businesses, Bophuthatswana also develop their own money and handle most of their own exports. For any people to get their independence worldwide, it is… Continue reading Bophuthatswana “homeland”

Trustland (homeland) perception

Most of the Homelands of South Africa before 1994 changed to Trustlands, they did not disasppear.   Names has been changed and new legislations were implemented.  Most of the homelands are situated in rainy areas.   Even landclaims fall under another legislation and they all have only communal lands (no title deed) - all separate from each… Continue reading Trustland (homeland) perception

Etniese volke / Ethnic people (SA)

RESPECT - Just as our conservative Afrikaners and Boers (whites) did not expect other peoples to abandon their traditions and cultures in 1994, others should respect our culture and traditions too.  We as people do not want to be part of the so-called "rainbow nation of De Klerk.   We never voted for this in any… Continue reading Etniese volke / Ethnic people (SA)

Eerste word Derde – First became Third

KOMMUNISTE EN LIBERALISTE Politici en ander organisasies wat rassisme spoeg op blankes, moet maar verlief neem dat Afrikaners, Boere en ander blankes wat dieselfde voel,   hier is om te bly.   Dis ons geboortegrond en sekere grond behoort vir geslagte aan ons.  Ons gaan nêrens.   Ons as volk het 100% reg tot grondgebiede wat ons sin… Continue reading Eerste word Derde – First became Third

ANC and Communism in South Africa

MANDELA - A N C is a liberal MOVEMENT - SACP (communism party is part of the ANC.    Black Communists work within their own parties.   Congres Alliance. * MANDELA The SACP was somewhat more effusive, declaring in a December 5 statement: “At his arrest in August 1962, Nelson Mandela was not only a member… Continue reading ANC and Communism in South Africa