Nato: agreements

  According to information sources, there were discussions and agreements during 1990's regarding the issue of enlargement of Nato closer to Russia, but it was "informal" and is quoted below.  Was it really only informal?    So it is not a matter of who is or was right and who is in the wrong. Who… Continue reading Nato: agreements

Sardinia island – Nato

NATO bases occupy more than one third of Sardinia’s land and sea territory. During military drills and naval exercises, the sea surrounding Sardinia is closed to navigation and fishing, thus increasing the NATO control beyond the land boundaries to encompass around 7,200 square miles. The island of Sardinia is home to two completely different worlds.… Continue reading Sardinia island – Nato

Sardinia Island

  Sardinia is Italy's second largest island and the second largest island in the Mediterranean  Sea.  It's also a geographical and political region of Italy, famed for its beautiful beaches and fascinating history.Sardinia is home for 1.6 million people, a diverse and ecologically important wildlife, 1200 miles of stunning coastline,  not to mention the proliferation of… Continue reading Sardinia Island

Russians: Poseidon nuclear torpedo

Earlier on other countries were warned as well ... Russian media appeared to threaten Europe and the world with an article in, saying that a new nuclear torpedo could create towering tsunami waves and destroy vast swaths of Earth's population.  Russia's "Poseidon" nuclear torpedo, which leaked in 2015 before being confirmed by Russian President Vladimir Putin in March… Continue reading Russians: Poseidon nuclear torpedo

Russia, NATO and America

The Russian Navy is expected to deploy over 30 ‘Poseidon’ nuclear-capable unmanned underwater vehicles (UUVs), a source told TASS news agency on January 12. Two Poseidon-carrying submarines are slated to enter service with the Russian Northern Fleet while the other two will join Russia’s Pacific Fleet. Each submarine will be capable of carrying up to eight UUVs. Consequently, a… Continue reading Russia, NATO and America