Ramaphosa se swart bemagtiging geldfontein

Rassistiese en diskriminerende se verskillende geldmaak fonteintjies van Ramaphosa en die ANC asook ander politici, wat steeds groot inkomstes, veral aan swart bemagtigers of vennote verskaf, gaan nie verdwyn of afgeskryf word nie.   Wetgewing sal op die boeke bly staan.  Ramaphosa beheer die kommissie al sedert 1995 wat vir hierdie doel aangestel is.  Dit gaan… Continue reading Ramaphosa se swart bemagtiging geldfontein

Limpopo, South Africa – China deal

It was reported in Noseweek that Ramaphosa personally signed the deal on his visit to China in October 2019.    There was a thought or question, was this recklessness, a measure of the government’s desperation?  As standard practice, the labour to construct and run the multiple power stations and smelters (tax free) will be Chinese. … Continue reading Limpopo, South Africa – China deal

SA is a failed country (since 1994)

  Ramaphosa and his whole parliament, can't fix it because the terrorists and radical communists broke it down into pieces for 70+ years of revolution.   They created the so-called democractic constitution as well.    They all work together to end up with a failure, since 1994.    The ANC  like to play games with their… Continue reading SA is a failed country (since 1994)

Nepal – Federalism

  “The historic Jana-Aandolan II culminated into the declaration of the republic in Nepal on May 28, 2008, after the constituent assembly polls. 560 of CA members voted in favor of the republic, ending 240 years of monarchy. However, the question remaining in many Nepalese minds even after several years down the lane is how… Continue reading Nepal – Federalism

Nepal – Failed federalism

  Note the situation in Nepal is more or less the same as in South Africa...   There are two characteristics of a failed state. The first is that the government cannot project authority over the people and the territory. The second is that it is unable to protect its boundaries. In other words, the government… Continue reading Nepal – Failed federalism

VF +++ multi-kultuur

Hieroor verkies konserwatiewe Afrikaners, Boere en Blankes om vir 'n volksparty te steun wat vir ons eie selfbeskikking, ons eie onafhanklike gebied(e) voorsiening maak - ons eie onafhanklike land.  Stem vir Front Nasionaal en selfbeskikking om te verseker ons kinders en nageslagte het nie net paar bouvalle om te gaan skuil nie, waar eens fondasies… Continue reading VF +++ multi-kultuur

Ramaphosa and Hawk

There is not a thing like a one "nation" in South Africa and never will be one,  but there are 14-20 different ethnic groups of peoples in the country.  We will never be a one "nation" "rainbow land" - it has been a failed country since 1994. There is also not a one nation in… Continue reading Ramaphosa and Hawk